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Aug 152013
The Last Unicorn

Krypton Radio Movie News



If you happen to live in the Newport Beach, California area, then you’re in luck if you’d like to take your kids or yourself to a classic animated movie this month. The Newport Beach Film Festival will be holding a special screening of the 1982 classic animated children’s film The Last Unicorn on August 21st at 7:30 PM.

Based on the novel The Last Unicorn written by Peter S. Beagle, who also wrote the film’s screenplay, the film is about a unicorn who, upon learning that she is the last unicorn in the world, goes on a quest to find out what has happened to the others of her kind. Directed by Jules Bass and Arthur Rankin, Jr. and featuring the voices of Alan ArkinJeff Bridges, and Mia Farrow as the Unicorn.

A lone unicorn believes she is the last of her kind and sets out on a quest to discover the fate of her people. She is joined in her travels by an incompetent magician and a lovelorn woman who never hoped to see a living unicorn. Together, they must face an evil witch, a wicked king, and a fiery elemental bull that seems intent on ridding the world of all unicorns forever.

With an amazing cast of voice actors, superb art direction and a classic storyline sure to delight all ages, this newly-digitally-restored classic is as well-loved today as ever and remains a hallmark of animated film.

Unicorn history buffs will probably remember that 1982-1983 is when the famed My Little Pony franchise was launched by Bonnie Zacherle and Hasbro. If you or your kids love unicorns, then stop on by the Newport Beach Film Festival for a wonderful family event.

Author and screenwriter Peter S. Beagle will be joining for a special Q&A. Last Unicorn books, Blu-rays, DVDs, graphic novels, art prints, clothing, and jewelry will be available for purchase and signing. Costumes encouraged, and great ones rewarded!!

Tickets are $10 Adults – $5 Children 12 and under

Nov 202012

Majesty meets saccharine pop in this unusual mashup of The Lord of the Rings and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic .

Part of what Krypton Radio does is show off some of the amazing things that fans create for one another.  If you’re a Brony (or even if you’re not) there’s something compelling about a mash-up of two well crafted fantasy works when it’s done with skill and respect for both.  Today’s offering is Lord of the Rings – Reenacted By Ponies from The Jacobsmovies web site. The characterizations pay homage both to the ponies, and to the iconic characters from the Tolkien books.

Jacob Kitts uses his skill at animation to tell stories visually, mostly as parodies or mashups of things like Harry Potter, Star Wars, Lego – his interests are far ranging, and his skills cover a lot of territory.  In his films he uses Flash, live action, 3d animation, compositing – the entire gamut of modern production tools.  He started out with the basics, and worked his way forward, one step at a time.

While it’s presented as satire, it’s also very inspiring.  And, frankly, the video is just plain fun to watch.


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