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Apr 042012
Doing it for the Super Kitties, mate!

Londoners Get Ready to Walk, Jog, and Run to Help Support Cats Protection Charity

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Doing it for the Super Kitties, mate!

Cats Protection, a Feline Welfare Charity is helping our fuzzy friends throughout the UK by raising money, caring for, educating pet owners and helping find homes for thousands of cats in the United Kingdom. Coming the 13th of May 2012, Cats Protection is holding a Superhero marathon as part of its fundraising efforts, and if you happen to be in the London area or are willing to travel bit, you to can join in! Free superhero suits will be provided and the registration fee is only £20, Minimum of £100 for sponsorship!
Come and join us to run, walk or jog 5km for Cats Protection. Over 1,000 people are expected to take part and now this is your chance to join them!

We are looking for Superheroes to take part in the Do It For Charity Superhero Run 2012 and raise much needed funds for Cats Protection. We are an official charity partner of the 2012 run and we’re looking for people to join the Cats Team and release their inner superhero!  No previous experience is required and with a bit of training the distance should easily be within your capabilities. The spirit of the event is ‘taking part’ not ‘winning’ so you can run, jog or walk – you decide!

Cats Protection - Helping Cats In the UK

Cats Protection is the UK’s leading feline welfare charity. Our vision is a world where every cat is treated with kindness and an understanding of its needs.

Cats Protection is the UK’s leading feline welfare charity. Our vision is a world where every cat is treated with kindness and an understanding of its needs.

It’s an ambitious vision. However, we truly believe it can be achieved because of our passion, our professional approach and simply because cats are among the UK’s most popular companion pets.

Cats Protection has simple and clear objectives to help cats:

  • Homing – Finding good homes for cats in need
  • Neutering – Supporting and encouraging the neutering of cats
  • Information – Improving people’s understanding of cats and their care



Mar 022012

Giggling-Jiggling Bears, Dancing Fish, and Danny DeVito. It’s a Dr. Seuss Movie Alright

By Staff Editor & Film Critic, PK.

If you’ve been following us on Facebook, then you undoubtedly have seen some of my posts. Pondering the question, are modern day 3-D movies worth all the hype I keep hearing about? Well, after taking perhaps a little too much cold-flu medicine and feeling my eyeballs vibrating out of my skull, I decided the logical course of action was to go see a movie. After bouncing out of my car at the theater, I stopped and read the signs carefully. Of all the movies I could see today, which one would appeal the most to a cynical, sarcastic, and slightly high, yet cranky radio editor. Ghost Rider : Spirit of Vengeance 3-D was available, but I thought, “nah”. I’m in pain already, that’s overkill even for someone who enjoys the occasional slap and tickle of a bad movie.

I admittedly have yet to see the new Ghost Rider movie, but it’s one of those rare sequels that gives off the ripe cheese odor straight from the previews. I’ve seen some of the old school 3-D’s using the headache inducing glasses with bright red and blue lenses. But life events and my being a cheapskate had prevented me from seeing a movie using the newer tech. Dr. Seuss’s The Lorax would be starting soon, and I thought it would be good to review a family movie for a change. I also want to extend my sympathies to the lady working the ticket booth, who was being mobbed by a small army of young girls ranging in ages from 5-14, and the parent/guardian of the group who was using the opportunity to teach them math problems while giving them money to buy their own tickets.

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Nov 182011

Taking a look at upcoming movies and hoping they don’t stink!

By Staff Editor PK

I’m a critic, what can I say? As much as I love movies and especially the Superhero themed ones, I gotta be brutally honest in what I think of them. So I thought I’d share my thoughts on a few of the upcoming movies that I’m anxious to see. Now we at Krypton Radio are not just hardcore fans of Superhero movies, we all enjoy a wide variety of genre’s and so that you don’t feel burned out on the latex clad heroes coming to save the day, I’ll review some other up and coming films that would be great for the entire family!



About:From Studio LAIKA the creators of the hit stop-motion children’s film Caroline, comes ParaNorman. An animated action comedy about a young boy with the uncanny talent to talk to the dead and who embarks on a quest to save his town from rampaging zombies.

Featuring the voice talents of: Kodi Smit-McPhee, Tucker Albrizzi, Casey Affleck, Anna Kendrick, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Leslie Mann, Jeff Garlin, John Goodman, Elaine Stritch, Bernard Hill, Alex Borstein, Tempestt Bledsoe, and Hannah Noyes.

Review: I have to say this looks promising, I’ve seen Caroline and it was smartly written and very well animated. This trailer so far is showing just as much promise, and while zombies movies get old at times, I’m hard pressed to turn down a well written animated film. ParaNorman looks to be a well rounded feature film for kids and grown-ups who are still kids at heart.

Rating & Premieres: Not yet rated (but thinking it will get a “G” rating) – August 17, 2012.

Appropriate for: Young kids and just anyone who enjoys a good animated film.

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance


About: Nicholas Cage returns as Johnny Blaze in this sequel to Ghost Rider; hiding from the devil in Eastern Europe and recruited by a secret group of monks from the Church, he must protect a young boy from the devil. Blaze must come to terms with his Ghost Rider powers and discover if he can save the boy and get rid of his own curse, if he would only embrace the power of the Rider.

Featuring: Fergus Riordan, and Ciaran Hinds as the devil.

Review: It burns! Take Ghost Rider dip him in tar from skull to boots, and give a living skeleton the ability to pee fire? Then you apparently have enough of a reason to make a sequel; however you would think that it would be kinda hard to hide from the devil no matter where you are on the planet. Now I actually enjoyed the first Ghost Rider movie, loved it in-fact, but this gave me reason to pause when the directors of the film are the ones intro’ing the trailer and telling us how much we’re going to love the movie. I would think most film-makers would let the movie speak for itself, but they needed to give us a heads up about how much the movie is going to rock. Nicholas Cage is a real hit and miss kind of star in my book, he was truly wonderful in Lord Of War and I enjoyed his performance in the first Rider film, but this makes me stop and groan a bit. I’ll reserve final judgement until I see the movie, but my hopes will not be too high for this theatrical continuation of the storyline.

Rating & Premieres: PG-13 & will be released on February 17, 2012.

Appropriate for: Due to the violence and adult humor, I’d say keep this to kids 13-14 or older.

Detective Dee: And The Mystery Of The Phantom Flame


About:Official synopsis: “On the eve of her coronation as Empress, China’s most powerful woman is haunted by a chilling murder mystery: seven men under her command have burst into flames, leaving behind only black ash and skeletal bones. Recognizing this threat to her power, she turns to the infamous Dee Renjie: a man whose unparalleled wisdom is matched only by his martial arts skills. As he battles a series of bizarre dangers, he unveils a chilling truth that places his life, and the future of an entire dynasty, in peril.”

Featuring: Andy Lau, Bingbing Li, Carina Lau, and Tony Leug Ka-fai, amongst a cast of a thousand or more.

Review: While looking through the various film trailers, I really wanted to find a movie that was just a bit different. We’re being deluged with remakes and spin-offs these days, so when I saw Detective Dee it caught my eye enough to give it a chance. I have to say that this is Sherlock Holmes meets Kung-Fu Panda, the scene where a large antlered deer (which was voiced by a goat) is kung-fu kicked in mid-air nearly had me on the floor laughing. If like me, you enjoy a steady diet of kung-fu action, confused comedy and somehow mixed with an engaging storyline that involves old-world China and deer kicking, then this movie is for you!

Rating & Premieres: PG-13 & is already in theaters!

Appropriate for: Due to the violence and adult humor, I’d say keep this to kids 13-14 or older.

Act Of Valor


About:IMDB Synopsis: An unprecedented blend of real-life heroism and original filmmaking, Act of Valor stars a group of active-duty Navy SEALs in a powerful story of contemporary global anti-terrorism. Inspired by true events, the film combines stunning combat sequences, up-to-the minute battlefield technology and heart-pumping emotion for the ultimate action adventure. Act of Valor takes audiences deep into the secretive world of the most elite, highly trained group of warriors in the modern world. When the rescue of a kidnapped CIA operative leads to the discovery of a deadly terrorist plot against the U.S., a team of SEALs is dispatched on a worldwide manhunt. As the valiant men of Bandito Platoon race to stop a coordinated attack that could kill and wound thousands of American civilians, they must balance their commitment to country, team and their families back home. Each time they accomplish their mission, a new piece of intelligence reveals another shocking twist to the deadly terror plot, which stretches from Chechnya to the Philippines and from Ukraine to Somalia. The widening operation sends the SEALs across the globe as they track the terrorist ring to the U.S.-Mexico border, where they engage in an epic firefight with an outcome that has potentially unimaginable consequences for the future of America.

Featuring: Active Duty Navy SEALs, Roselyn Sanchex, Alex Veadov, Jason Cottle, Nestor Searrano

Review: I intended for this to be a list of reviews for mostly family grade movies, but when I saw the trailer for Act Of Valor, I thought this is one the adults need to see. Our real life superheroes are those who take on these kinds of missions, doing what no one else can. They fight to keep us safe day and night, and this movie is a true tribute to the dedication and heroic efforts of our nations military. While the kids are watching Ghost Rider, Mom and Dad need to pop next door to see Act Of Valor. I calling this movie a must see!

Rating & Premieres: “R” & coming to theaters February 17, 2012.

Appropriate for: Sorry kids, but this one is for the adults. But if Mom and Dad feel comfortable with the older kids seeing it, it’s looking like a great movie.



Tell us what you think! What movies are you anxious to see? Let us know in comments, or hit us up on Facebook to share your thoughts!


Nov 112011
loveandcapes logo1

A Romantic Comedy about Superheroes

by Gene Turnbow


While it’s obvious that I’m a Superman fan, I’m an even bigger fan of the independent creators who are always coming out with fresh new original content. Sometimes you have to wonder how many different ways you can re-tell the creation of Batman, or Superman’s birth before fans become permanently burned out. That’s why it’s always a thrill to mingle with those in the indie comics industry, and I had the chance to do so at the Long Beach Comic Con on Oct 30, 2011.

At the convention I met with and interviewed Mr. Thom Zahler,  the creator of Love and Capes, an honest to goodness situation superhero romantic comedy inspired in part by the television series Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman. Thom who is a fellow Superman fan, looked at the average Superhero story and thought that no one had really focused on the actual romance between the spandex clad hero and his love; but instead always had the typical sequences of heavy action with the small side story of romance, mixed with the hero’s turmoil of being blessed or burdened with his powers.

Love and Capes follows the adventures of Mark a lantern-jawed yet unassuming accountant, and Abby the bookstore-owner love of his life; who must come to terms with Mark’s secret of being The Crusader, when he decides that he must tell her the truth about his past when professing his undying love for her. Faster than a speeding teen-drama, and able to leap tall soap-operas in a single bound, it’s Love and Capes!

Thom Zahler Interview at Long Beach Comic Con

KR:  Hi Thom!, really good to meet you! I’ve heard about your work and seen bits and pieces of Love and Capes on the internet, so tell me what it’s all about and how it got started?

Thom: Great to meet you too! Love and Capes is superhero romantic comedy; it’s about a superhero kinda like Superman who says” I love my girl friend, but if I’m gonna tell her that, I gotta tell her everything”.  So, is there ever a good time to tell your girlfriend you have x-ray vision? What does she want for Christmas when she knows you can crush coal into diamonds, things like that.

I was looking for a new project in 2005-2006 somewhere around there, I had written a spec sitcom strip for a contest, and found I really liked doing that. But I knew I worked in the world of comics, and knew that I wanted to do something fun to do with comics. Then I had that chocolate and peanut-butter moment, when I realized no one had really tackled the superhero/superman relationship stuff. It’s kinda like Lois and Clark, but Delta Burke never ever shows up in it.

KR: (laughs) So, you’ve been in the comic book industry before doing Love and Capes, what else have you done?

Thom: I had been working for ten to fifteen years, and started off with doing lettering for the longest time, also doing inking. Love and Capes has gotten me more work than anything else.

KR: That’s really cool, so you’ve got fifteen issues of Love and Capes so far?

Thom: Eighteen issues actually! I had thirteen issues done when I self published, and five issues done through I.D.W this year. And there will be also a sixth issue mini-series coming out from I.D.W next year.

KR: Wow, so I know this is a tremendously popular title and..

Thom: Everyone in my family likes it, yes.

KR: Well a few people in mine like it too. (laughs) It’s such a clean fresh start and it’s got a little Disney in it, and a little Saturday morning cartoonish flavor about it. How did you arrive at this style – or were you planning on going this direction when you started out, or did it just evolve on its own?

Thom: It was conscious direction, the project before was standard superhero looking stuff, and I’m ok at that. But once I started doing a lot more cartooning, that was really my wheelhouse and I stopped trying to fight it. Darwin Cook who wound up doing a cover for issue #3 of the I.D.W series was my big inspiration. I had the DC New Frontier book with me the whole time I was doing that, I also had Steve Silver’s Art of Silver book and a couple other really cartoony stuff. I wanted to go into some new graphic dimension, and it became a lot more organic after that. You can really see the growth from the first issue to like issue 6 or 7, where things really start to come together.

KR: Did you take the route of a lot of these other publishers and start with a web-comic, in order to drive the sales of the physical paper?

Thom:  No, actually I did the comic book first, I also work as a graphics designer during the day and as such I have a lot of printing contacts, and knew I could do the book cost effectively. I put the first issue online afterwards, after it came out in stores. And waited until I had more content done with issues 2 and 3 before I put those up; now the book is done in a eight-panel grid, so every fourth panel is a (unintelligible) like a comic strip. It’s built to section up in that four-panel grid, which fits on a computer screen much better, pre-iPad days, so I’ve been able to put the older stuff up. Right now issue eleven is showing online, so ideally you can go to the website, read the comic and get hooked. Decide if you want more, and the only way to get more is that you can buy it.

KR: I see, excellent. Well thank you for speaking with me, it’s been great!

Thom: Thanks, you too!

Now personally, I’ve read a fair amount of Love and Capes online – it reads as a four-panel strip, and has ongoing storylines and memorable characters. The superheroics is central to the premise, but not central to the story.  As goofy as some of the situations are, the characters aren’t just throwaway cardboard cutouts.  You really get a sense of who these people are and why they think they way they do, and the conflict and comedy comes out of this solid foundation.  Add some really appealing character design and strong drawing to that and you’ll be able to see why Love and Capes really hits the mark.

Excerpts from Thom’s Official Biography:

The origins of the man who would become Thom Zahler are shrouded in mystery. Historians currently believe that he was part of the top-secret government super soldier breeding project code-named: “The Zahler Family.”

After twelve years of Catholic school, he was sent to the Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Art by a military court for a crime he didn’t commit. Zahler promptly escaped the maximum security art education facility to the Northeast Ohio Underground. Today, still wanted by the New Jersey government and several desperate women, he survives as a freelance cartoonist and graphic artist. If you have a job, if no one else can help, and if you can find him, maybe you can hire…Thom Zahler Art Studios. Blam, blam, blam, blam, blam, blam, blam!

Thom Zahler is many things to many people, including: cartoonist, penciller, inker, letterer, caricaturist, illustrator, web designer, writer, producer, director, game show contestant, prize in a bachelor raffle, and right-handed relief pitcher. One of his favorite roles, however, is Godfather to his lovely Goddaughter Erin, in which he tries to teach the precocious two-year old that Superman really is cooler than Batman, and that, despite what she may hear on the street, Greedo never, repeat never, shot first.

Zahler’s work has been seen nationwide. He designed the bus seen in the Prilosec advertising campaign, worked in many capacities for various comic book companies including Marvel and Claypool Comics, and has done cartooning for both the Cleveland Indians and the Colorado Rockies. He is the designer and webmaster of “Angel” star Andy Hallett’s website, and has designed logos for companies large and small.

He currently lives at his palatial estate, Zahlerdu, in Northeast Ohio. Okay, he really doesn’t call it “Zahlerdu,” but if he did, it would be because of “Citizen Kane” and not that Olivia Newton-John disco movie. It’s not really a palatial estate, either, but it is a pretty nice place.

 – 30 -



Jul 222011

It’s been a busy week for the folks at Krypton Radio, but we didn’t forget about the Friday edition of Weekly Artist Spotlight! Let’s get the weekend going with some music, and there’s no better way that we know of than some hard rock and ease on into some instrumental.

You’ve kicked off your shoes and are ready to relax right? Good!



From their website:

TARSHA is the LA based hard rock band featuring lead vocalist Seann Nicols (Tarsha), guitarist Jimmy Douglas, bassist Patrick Morgan, and drummer Kyle Cunningham. Tarsha has been described as “one of the best artists ever at exorcising demons in bursts of creative genius.” (Pitriff.com)

Tarsha released the self-titled ASYLUM EP in 2005. The EP featured the songs Asylum, Upside Down, and You Are Everything, all of which received critical acclaim, garnering seven international songwriting awards from Billboard, Independent Music Awards, and Song of the Year.

In May 2005, Tarsha became the lead singer of Adler’s Appetite, the band led by original Guns N’ Roses drummer Steven Adler. Tarsha toured internationally with Adler’s Appetite through 2006.

In 2007, Tarsha independently released his first full-length album “Prophecies”, which became a worldwide Internet radio hit, reaching No. 2 and remaining on the Live 365 Rock Top 30 chart for 77 weeks.

Tarsha released his sophomore album “Divine Universe” in 2008.

After completing a U.S. tour singing for Adler’s Appetite again in 2009, Tarsha independently released “The Singles EP”, complete with a music video for the song “Second Life”.

Tarsha began performing live with his original band TARSHA in 2009. The band performed at The Viper Room, The Whisky A Go Go, and The Roxy, landing a monthly residency at The House of Blues Sunset Strip in direct support for Steel Panther (Metal Skool).

Tarsha also sang for the Phoenix, Arizona based hard rock band ICON. Tarsha made his first appearance with ICON at the Rocklahoma festival in July 2009 in Pryor, Oklahoma and later performed with the band in their hometown, opening for Queensryche at The Orpheum Theater.

Tarsha also appears on the latest Liberty N’ Justice album “Light It Up”, released on Retroactive Records Jan. 19th 2010, performing lead vocals on the original song Uncle Sam, which also features bassist Jeff Pilson of Dokken/Foreigner.


Follow Tarsha on: Twitter and Facebook

Phil Holland

And now for our second feature of the day, we’ll take a look at some professional art design and music production. One such fellow is Mr Holland, he is one of those Hollywood legends you don’t normally hear about, one of those unsung heroes of the city that has produced some of the best that has graced the silver screen. Aside from his photography and islustrated works, Phil has a musical album out which is free to download from his website, we very highly recommend it!

“Released in February 2008, DIN represents a two year instrumental journey. Each song was inspired by chaotic and peaceful defining moments in that span of time. “


From his website:

Phil Holland was born and raised in Southern California. He took an interest in art, science, and entertainment at a very young age. After graduating high school he decided to redirect his interests away from his scienctific career aspirations and education to focus on his creative desires. Determined to improve upon his abilities, for the next few years he was drawing and studying around two to sixteen hours a day. Striving to understand more about color, composition, anatomy, and art history.

From 1999 through 2010 he was employed at Rhythm and Hues Studios. While there he worked on over 100 features films. For the first 5 years of his career he was primarily utilized as a Digital Colorist. Towards the second half of his career at R&H he served more along the lines of a Technical Cinematographer, Still Photographer, and VFX/Color Consultant. Titled as a “Digital Imaging Specialist” he has produced unique solutions to many of the problems in the rapidly changing world of visual effects and cinematography at the studio.

Phil also has a rewarding and active freelance career. He has provided conceptual illustration, matte painting, still photography, color correction/grading, and commercial photography on motion pictures, video games, the music industry, and print for numerous projects.

Currently he is enjoying creating fine art and focusing his professional photographic efforts towards more of a fashion/celebrity/editorial direction. Phil is also focusing a lot of energy towards his cinematography career and has a unique perspective on film making from his work in pre-production, being in front of the camera, behind the camera, post production, and drawing on extensive on set experience.

In his spare time Phil enjoys spending time with friends, drawing, creating music, exploring nature, learning, teaching, and creating personal works.


Follow on Phil on: Twitter and Check out The Art Department!


Weekly Artist Spotlight, is Krypton Radio’s bi-weekly feature, to help raise awarness of the artists who you may not have heard about through mainstream media. All content used in Weekly Artist Spotlight, is used from publicly available sources, and is used to promote the artists we spotlight.
Jul 182011

Welcome to another Monday edition of Weekly Artist Spotlight! Today we’re going to do something a little different and see how all of you like it; besides featuring a musical talent, we’re going to mix it up and make our second featured artist something other than a musician. Art comes in many forms, music being just one of them, and we want to give artists of all kinds a chance to be recognized for their work and talent.


Mark Aaron James


Let’s  start off with our featured musician Mark Aaron James, many comics fans may know him for his superhero parody song Aquaman’s Lament, which was made even more popular by the Spiffworld YouTube video made for the Blizzcon 2010 machinima contest. Sadly it didn’t make the cut, but the video turned out to perfect for the song and would get our vote for a contest! Mark Aaron James aka “MAJ”, is a New York based Singer/Song-Writer who brings an impressive resume of musical works to the table. Including many pop-rock singles and other hits which has earned him a world wide reputation for unique indie music.

Check out Mark at: http://www.MarkAaronJames.com

Facebook and Twitter

 An update from Mr James, he wanted us to pass along that: “Might let your readers know I’ve released “Batman’s Reply” to “Aquaman’s Lament” on my new CD.”

Can’t wait to hear it James!

Professor James Kakalios and The Physics of Superheroes


From his Facebook page: James Kakalios is a physics professor at the University of Minnesota. Known within the scientific community for his work with amorphous semiconductors, granular materials, and 1/f noise, he is known to the general public as the author of the book The Physics of Superheroes, which considers comic book superheroes from the standpoint of fundamental physics.

Kakalios, who earned PhD from the University of Chicago in 1985, began his comic book collection as a graduate student as a way to relieve stress. At Minnesota, he taught a freshman seminar that focused on the physics of superheroes as a way to motivate students to think about physics. This course gained great popularity as an enticing alternative to the typical inclined planes and pulleys of physics.

The seminar was a great success, leading to articles in popular magazines including People, lectures on the subject, and publication of The Physics of Superheroes. In his talks, favorite examples are the death of Gwen Stacy (Spider-Man‘s girlfriend), “can Superman jump over tall buildings and what does this tell us about Krypton?”, the high-velocity actions of The Flash, and the shrinking problem of the Atom. His analysis of Gwen Stacy’s death eventually became integral to the plot of a new Spider-Man comic.


Follow James at: http://www.PhysicsOfSuperheroes.com/