Relay For Life 2012 Kicks Off In Second Life

The American Cancer Society’s 2012 Relay for Life started in earnest last week with an opening rally in four special regions in Linden Lab’s MMO Second Life set aside specifically for the purpose. This year’s theme is “Time For A Cure” and again Second Life residents of all stripes are banding together across the grid in this massive campaign uniting to raise funds to fight cancer.

Helena Kiama & Team Win RFL 2010 Sim Design Area Award


Krypton Radio’s Exclusive Interview with the Lead Designer of “Starlight”

by Kalel Venkman

“Susan10: I watch everyone around me going on with their lives….They do not stop to think if there will even be a tomorrow. They are smiling, laughing, living – all things beyond my reach.  I, on the other hand, spend my days wondering if I can even keep my food down or get out of bed. That life they live, that I once lived, seems almost surreal. And too far away to touch.  “

“Susan11: The last of my chemo is done. I am not out of the woods, but my strength is returning. My daughter brought me pink flowers today. I smiled and cried, hugging her.  Children are indeed gifts that remind us of why we are here and what we will endure for them.

“Susan: Good news!  My cancer is in remission!  They can start the reconstructive surgery in 2 weeks. We are having a party today to celebrate my new birthday!  Mom, Dad, the kids, my husband, they are all here.  Although someone thought it funny to put 99 candles on the cake! How am I to blow them all out????  I think the point is, I am around to blow them all out and hope to be for a long, long time.”

This year, the builds for the Relay for Life relay event in Second Life were spectacular, inventive, and deeply moving.  One of the most beautiful and remarkable was a dome of stars.  The visitor traveled by boat through a waterway, visiting travel markers that related the journey of one survivor’s struggle with cancer.

The Justice League Unlimited was in charge of security this year at the Relay for Life sims, and as I was doing my final patrol I found myself at the Star Dome, built by Helena Kaima and her design team.

She had just won the Relay for Life “Designer Sim Area Award” for 2010 for her Star Dome build.

Scanner: Helena Kiama is now within chat range

Helena Kiama: It’s Superman!
Kalel Venkman: Actually, um. sort of. Yeah.
Helena Kiama: Ahahaha!
Kalel Venkman: Congratulations on your award! This is most impressive.
Helena Kiama: Thank you!  I was out of town and didn’t have access to get inworld over the weekend, so I had no idea until someone was congratulating me. And then she sent me the URL for the web site, so I’m packaging everything in the dome to put in a rezzer.
KV:  I was in charge of security for RFL this year, and was so busy doing that that there was no chance to see everything. I’m glad I got to see this before it went away. And, I’m struck by how much motion plays into the design for something like this.
Helena Kiama: Cool, I still have some builds I have not seen yet.
KV: I was thinking to take a picture, and realize just how much of all this is actually in motion.

Relay for Life Auction Event a Success!

The Cher SL Benefit Concert and Auction was a tremendous success – we raised another thirty-six thousand Lindens for cancer research! But the success isn’t ours – it’s yours! The important research in the fight against cancer advances dollar by dollar, and in some cases linden by linden. Each one of these successful fundraiser events […]

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