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Mar 022012

Giggling-Jiggling Bears, Dancing Fish, and Danny DeVito. It’s a Dr. Seuss Movie Alright

By Staff Editor & Film Critic, PK.

If you’ve been following us on Facebook, then you undoubtedly have seen some of my posts. Pondering the question, are modern day 3-D movies worth all the hype I keep hearing about? Well, after taking perhaps a little too much cold-flu medicine and feeling my eyeballs vibrating out of my skull, I decided the logical course of action was to go see a movie. After bouncing out of my car at the theater, I stopped and read the signs carefully. Of all the movies I could see today, which one would appeal the most to a cynical, sarcastic, and slightly high, yet cranky radio editor. Ghost Rider : Spirit of Vengeance 3-D was available, but I thought, “nah”. I’m in pain already, that’s overkill even for someone who enjoys the occasional slap and tickle of a bad movie.

I admittedly have yet to see the new Ghost Rider movie, but it’s one of those rare sequels that gives off the ripe cheese odor straight from the previews. I’ve seen some of the old school 3-D’s using the headache inducing glasses with bright red and blue lenses. But life events and my being a cheapskate had prevented me from seeing a movie using the newer tech. Dr. Seuss’s The Lorax would be starting soon, and I thought it would be good to review a family movie for a change. I also want to extend my sympathies to the lady working the ticket booth, who was being mobbed by a small army of young girls ranging in ages from 5-14, and the parent/guardian of the group who was using the opportunity to teach them math problems while giving them money to buy their own tickets.

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