Obituary: Actor, Musician and Fellow Fan Miguel Ferrer, 61

by Lisa M. A. Winters, with Gary DaBaum Miguel Ferrer died Thursday, January 19, of throat cancer. He was 61. The eldest of five children, he was the son of legendary actors Jose Ferrer and Rosemary Clooney, and a cousin of actor George Clooney. Miguel Ferrer was not just a Hollywood scion, was not just […]

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Part 1

Batman, like Superman, is a timeless vigilante superhero, the brooding caped crusader who swoops in from the shadows to tromp those bad guys. So when we’re offered Frank Miller’s (300, Sin City) 1986 comic book story arc made into an animated movie? We say yes please!

Hollywood’s Brain-Drain Hits Broadway With “Back To The Future” Musical

1980’s Movies Being Brought Back as Broadway Musicals – Stop the Madness!

A Random Rant by Staff Editor, PK
(Pulled and re-published, now with extended rant)

As I’m cruising the interwebs, I heard a lot of screaming and crying mixed with a bit of golf clapping. Much to my chagrin, I discovered that Broadway has broken into the 1980’s section of the net and was found pillaging old movie scripts for ideas for new shows. I pulled my web-browser over and hopped out, quickly grabbing one of the Broadway Producers by the shirt and begging him for an answer, “why are you digging up old 80’s movies for shows?” He looked at me with lifeless eyes and pointed to the wallet in my pocket, “money” he groaned like a zombie. The 80’s was a special part of my life; classic Nintendo games, the early days of hardcore movies like Die Hard, and there was just something about a cute girl with chemically irradiated big hair, Swatch Watches and neon green tube socks.

And while I respect that Hollywood has the right to occasionally dig up a good movie and remake it, I have to ask, do you think they’re going a bit far with all the remakes? For every few brand-new movies with original stories, it feels like we’re being inundated with five or six remakes every year or so. Hollywood’s brain-drained obsession with making a fast buck off established stories from 20-30 years ago, has become contagious and spread to Broadway. News has come out that Back To The Future is being strongly considered for adaptation for a Broadway musical, and that sound you just heard is BTTF fans around the world fainting. Now I know I can’t speak for all fans, but this news really just made me groan in pain.

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