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Aug 302013
We're up all night to get Loki.

This summer’s hottest song meets er…LAST summer’s hottest team of superheroes!

This video was put together by the following talented individuals:

  • Directed by Marc-Antoine Doyon
  • Concept and lyrics by P.L. Boucher
  • Music and Mixing by Jean-Sébastian Houle
  • Performed by Nicolas Michon
  • Captain America: Raphael Lacaille
  • Thor: Louis Lavoie Isabaert
  • Black Widow: Myriam Alepin
  • Hulk: Maxime Dugas
  • Nick Fury: Firmin Havugimana
  • Iron Man: Antoine Lacoste
  • Loki: Philip Marceau

We sure love us some Daft Punk parody.  This is filk at its finest.  Enjoy.


The headquarters of SHIELD collapse
But Nick Fury’s all badass
He’s got a plan that’s groovy
He teased it for five movies

(He says)

“We need the guy
In the suit that can fly
If he won’t show up
Marvel will go bankrupt”

Captain America’s thawed
Still rocking his awesome bod
But not as much as that God
Who comes to Earth to get Loki
He fights Iron Man and Cap
Making every fanboy fap
They’re all friends by the next act
And they’re on their way to get Loki
They’re on their way to get Loki
In Germany they get Loki
Takes five minutes to get Loki
Wasn’t that hard to get Loki

Aboard the Helicarrier
With the Canadian commander
The team meets Doctor Banner
Played by yet a different actor

Tensions arise
Between the super-guys
They argue on who’s best
It’s a hammer-measuring contest
THOR: The hammer is their penis.

Black Widow tries to confront
Loki by acting real blunt
But he just calls her a c–name
Then bad guys come to get Loki
They help him break out of jail
Coulson gets “Washed” and impaled
Looks like the Avengers failed
In their attempt to get Loki
Who else can help to get Loki
Who’s up for a fight to get Loki?
Who’s up for a fight to get Loki?
Who’s up for a fight to get Loki?


While Tony cries
Aliens drop from the skies
New York’s in trouble
Avengers assemble

But where’s the Hulk? He’s absent
He’s got something more important
Being nude with Harry Stanton
But when he shows, he gets Loki
Iron Man nukes the homebase
Somehow survives outer space
This puts Loki in his place
And in the end they get Loki
And in the end they get Loki
And in the end they get Loki
Until “Thor 2″, they get Loki

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Aug 032013

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Join us this evening at 9PM PST/ 12 AM EST as we welcome science fiction novelist and comic book writer Mike Baron to The Event Horizon.  Mike talks about his latest novel Whack Job, and two enduring comic book characters for which he is famousNexus and The Badger, as on-going characters in independent comics and the Dark Horse Comics monthly title Dark Horse Presents.

Your hosts are station manager Gene Turnbow and executive producer Susan Fox.  The show airs again tomorrow (Sunday) at 4PM PST, 7PM EST.

The Event Horizon - it’s Sci-Fi for your Wi-Fi!

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Aug 032013


by Bazinga!Girl JJ Zwirn, of Seeking Bazinga!

They’ve been spotted all over the U.S. So far. Window washers dressed up as Superheroes like Spiderman, the Hulk, Batman, Superman, and Captain America and washing the windows of children’s hospitals.

The kids go nuts seeing their favorite superheroes outside their windows, which makes them all feel better, the terminal and the not terminal, and it gives the guys a warm fuzzy feeling inside to make those kids feel better!

They’ve been spotted at Children’s Hospital Penn State in Pittsburgh, C.S. Motts Children’s Hospital in Ann Arbor, Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston, St. Francis Children’s Hospital in Tulsa, Children’s Hospital in Akron.

After hearing about a similar scheme in Great Britain, Organizer Edward Matuizek, president of Allegheny Window Cleaning, decided to pay around $800 on Broadway quality costumes for his window washers. His crew of “grime fighting” superhero employees received a hero’s welcome from the surprised kids.

Matuizek said: “All the guys had tears of joy in their eyes behind the costumes – it was very touching and overwhelming how excited the children were.”

One window cleaner dressed up as The Hulk said he’d been wanting to do this for years, and you can hear the emotion in his voice, even through the mask.

These guys, every single one of them, are true super heroes. And if you ask the kids, there were no wires and harness holding these guys up. They were real.

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Jul 012013
     by staff writer Michael Brown


Superhero comics are a dime a dozen these days, so the trick to finding good ones is to:

1) pay attention to writers and pencilers you trust, although art is less important to me than story, and/or

2) look for something different.

Midnight Tiger by Write Height Media struck me as being that kind of different.  Not a never-been-done-before kind of different, but different in the same way I’m a Daredevil fan or a Jason Rusch as Firestorm fan or Simon Baz as Green Lantern fan or even a pre-New 52 Barbara Gordon fan. Superheroes with handicaps or even as minorities are rare. And teenage superheroes seem to up the ante, as it were. The 90′s gave us the Milestone imprint from DC, which gave us Static, still one of my favorite teen heroes, but faded from sight due to poor sales.  Midnight Tiger, written and penciled by Ray-Anthony Height and co-written by Dewayne Feenstra follows the adventures of  Gavin Shaw, African-American teenager by day and avenging hero Midnight Tiger by night. Midnight Tiger possesses enhanced senses, agility, and fighting prowess which he uses to protect the West Coast city of Apollo Bay from gangs and supervillains who seem to want to congregate there yet appear to be no, or at least very few, superheroes around to stop them, leaving that job to the Apollo Bay Police Department’s Super-Human Enforcement, Reconnaissance, and Incarceration of Fugitives Force.

Midnight Tiger struck me as a cross between Kick-Ass, Firestorm, and some of the best early Amazing Spider-Man, with Gavin dealing with getting shot during a patrol then having to come home at 3 in the morning to finish Music Theory homework, and later getting lectured by his dad, an Apollo Bay cop, on staying out of fights and how violence never solves anything. Height and Feenstra delivered a solid story, but I hope there’s some backstory at some point as to how Gavin got his powers. Height’s pencils were really good it’s obvious that Height, who created Midnight Tiger, is proud of his creation and is definitely able to draw fighting scenes on par with some of Marvel and DC’s best. And Paul-John Little’s colors are vibrant and vivid and complement Height’s pencils beautifully.

Write Height Media is a new publisher, put together by Height and his wife Shayla as a Kickstarter program, and Midnight Tiger is their first, only, and flagship title. We are told in the Behind The Scenes section after the story Midnight Tiger will be a full-color, 22-page ongoing series with the first story arc lasting 9 issues. I really hope so. This book has the potential to be a good one and I definitely want to be a part of  what comes next.

     Viva la Wednesday, Kryptonics!

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Dec 062012

Some days you need somebody to be your hero.  Some days you need to be a hero for someone else, because you know what it’s like to really, really need one. Today’s video of the day is from singers and songwriters Luke Conard and Landon Austin.  Their song Superhero is effervescent, clear and bright, and fills your heart with hope.

Luke Conard is the latest Krypton Radio discovery.  We don’t mean we exclusively discovered him.  We mean that when looking for new songs about superheroes we stumbled across his work, and found that he also writes a lot of music based on Harry Potter as Ministry of Magic.

In fact, his stuff is so well done and so clean that we couldn’t choose between Superhero and the Ministry of Magic – House Song.  Lucky you.  We’re posting both.


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Jul 292012
Bob Ross

Krypton Radio V.O.D


Now when many of us think of superheroes, we naturally tend to have images of Batman, or Iron Man, or many other spandex clad super powered people fighting crime. But when you really think about it, superheroes come in so many different forms. A lot of us call people superheroes for the sheer fact that they inspired us, or had an impact on our lives in a very significant way. One such person to have an impact on many people’s lives is none other than master artist Bob Ross. Mr Ross wasn’t a world famous comic book artist, he was a painter and a dreamer whose gentle demeanor and passion for art inspired many of us to take up the brush and get into the art world ourselves.

His fans know him from his world famous television show Joy Of Painting, where he taught his television audience painting techniques and frequently added happy little trees and happy little clouds to his works of art. Joy Of Painting ran from 1983 to 1994 on PBS, only being discontinued due to Ross having to retire and to battle cancer. Sadly he passed away in 1995, two years after his second wife had passed away, also from cancer. PBS recently released a wonderful musical tribute to Mr. Ross, featuring clips from his show, and titled it “Happy Little Clouds”.

So we thought we’d brighten up your Sunday with a happy little music video from PBS Digital Studios, featuring art legend Bob Ross.