Have Thargoids Finally Invaded ‘Elite: Dangerous’?

Could this be the return of the Thargoids? Humans in Elite: Dangerous have made First Contact.

As some players of Elite: Dangerous have already learned, we have recently had our first encounter with the alien race, likely the race known as the Thargoids. DP Sayre, a player on the Xbox One version of Elite: Dangerous discovered what were classed as “Unknown Ships” while making a hyperspace jump to Aries Dark Region XU-O b6-3. His Federal Corvette appears to have been shut down externally after being dragged out of hyperspace, and perhaps scanned by the new ship, though we cannot say for certain. This altogether fascinating event  was recorded on January 5th, 2017 at 8:38 PM in DP Sayre’s timezone. The motives of the new life forms have yet to be ascertained.

Wait! Before we delve too far into hypothesizing, what are Thargoids?

How Thargoids appeared in the original game Frontier: First Encounters in 1995.

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