‘Black Lightning’ Comes to the CW

The CW has announced the development Black Lightning, which would be the network’s fifth show to join their continuity of DC Comics TV shows, Supergirl, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and Arrow, dubbed by fans the “Arrowverse.”

Originally, Black Lightning was being developed for the Fox network by Greg Berlanti, who currently produces the shows of the Arrowverse. Recently, the Fox network decided to pass on Black Lightning, so Berlanti has taken the show to the CW, where a pilot has been ordered. The pilot has been written by Salim Akil (The Game) and Mara Brock Akil (The Game).

Sources state that should Black Lightning be greenlit for a full series on the CW, it would be staggered with the current 2017-2018 lineup. There have been no casting announcements as of yet.

Black Lightning is based on the superhero of the same name who first appeared in Black Lightning #1 in 1977. Since then, he has appeared in the pages of The Outsiders, Justice League and DC Comics Presents. His secret identity is Jefferson Pierce, a teacher who lives in Suicide Slum, the worst neighborhood in the city of Metropolis. In a time of the Civil Rights Movement, Black Lightning is notable for being the first black superhero in DC Comics to have his own title.

Black Lightning was co-created by Tony Isabella, who also created Black Goliath for Marvel Comics and wrote for Luke Cage; and Trevor Von Eeden, who also worked on Batman and Green Arrow for DC, and Luke Cage for Marvel.


Tensions Rise on ‘The Flash’ Midseason Premiere as Flash, Kid Flash Clash

When The Flash returns next year, Wally West will finally be Kid Flash. We all know Wally has wanted superpowers for a long time now, and he finally gets his wish. Things aren’t completely peachy in Central City, though, as Barry Allen is having trouble working with a sidekick – or is the sidekick having trouble working with him? It looks a lot like a big part of the show for a while will be Barry helping train up Kid Flash, and there’s a lot of opportunity for character development there.

Eventually they’ll have to figure out what to do with Wally. He obviously can’t stay in The Flash forever, but developed as a canon character in the DC TV Universe, he could easily be spun off with other teams. Legends of Tomorrow comes to mind.  Another thing that we find striking is just exactly how versatile an actor Tom Cavanaugh really is. He has now played four versions of Harrison Wells from different timelines and alternate Earths, and he creates a completely fresh new character each time. We love being dazzled by the razzle dazzle, but under the hood there are some serious acting talents driving things forward.

The third season of The Flash resumes January 24 on The WB. Waiting sucks.


New DC Universe Updates from the CW

Following the Television Critics Association event on August 11th, lots of news has been released that will surely excite fans of DC Comics on the CW.

Actor Chris Wood (The Vampire Diaries) has been cast in Supergirl as the alien Mon-El, who in the comics is a hero with ties to the Legion of Super-Heroes. The Legion is a team of super-powered adventurers and time travellers from the 31st century. Mon-El has been described as having a power set similar to that of Supergirl, but a big difference is that he hails from the planet of Daxam. The Legion of Super-Heroes was already teased in the last seasons of Supergirl and The Flash.

Also joining Supergirl is actress Sharon Leal (Guiding Light) as Miss Martian, the daughter of the Martian Manhunter J’onn J’onzz, played by David Harewood (Homeland). The Martian Manhunter appeared in the first season of Supergirl to much acclaim, and was the mentor to the Girl of Steel.

Film and TV director Kevin Smith (Clerks) has been confirmed to direct an episode of Supergirl and The Flash this coming season.

Greg Berlanti, an executive producer for the CW DC shows, revealed that in the second half of the season, there will be a two-part musical crossover between Supergirl and The Flash. Lead actors Melissa Benoist and Grant Gustin were both members of the musical TV show Glee.

Actor Grey Damon (The Secret Circle) will menace the streets of Flash’s turf Central City as the Mirror Master, a thief who gains the ability to travel through anything with a reflection. The main villains of The Flash season three have been stated to be Doctor Alchemy, a man with a split personality that can manipulate molecular properties, and Savitar, another speedster villain following in the path of the Reverse-Flash and Zoom. Savitar is suspected to be the man fighting Kid Flash (Keiynan Lonsdale) as revealed in recent set photos.


Yet another threat to the Scarlet Speedster will take place over two episodes in Gorilla City, a dwelling for hyper-intelligent apes hidden deep in the jungles, ruled by the ferocious and psychic Grodd.

On Arrow, a younger Oliver Queen in flashbacks set in Russia, will have to contend with action movie star Dolph Lundgren (The Expendables) in an unspecified role. Lead Arrow actor Stephen Amell recently teased on a social media some sort of meeting on set between the Atom (Brandon Routh), the Flash, the White Canary (Caity Lotz), Supergirl and Green Arrow.

After having already appeared last season on Arrow, Megalyn E.K. will have to pass on reprising her role of Vixen / Mari McGabe on Legends of Tomorrow, due to scheduling conflicts.

Instead, actress Maise Richardson-Sellers will play her grandmother Amaya Jiwe, a member of the classic superhero team the Justice Society, who have been confirmed to be in the 1940’s. Both women wear the mystical Tantu Totem, which grants the powers of any animal. Megalyn E.K. originally voiced Vixen on a short animated show on the CW Seed, an online streaming service, and will return for a second season of Vixen.

Other members of the Justice Society have been confirmed as Obsidian, played by Lance Henriksen (The Terminator); Hourman, played by Patrick J. Adams (Suits); Commander Steel, played by Matthew MacCaull (Tomorrowland) and Stargirl, played by Sarah Grey (Power Rangers).

Finally, a new animated superhero show confirmed for the CW Seed is Freedom Fighters: The Ray. It has been hailed as the first superhero show with an LGBT character in the lead. Both Vixen and The Ray share the same continuity as the live action DC shows on the CW.


Krypton Radio First Look: ‘The Flash’ Extended Trailer

Yesterday’s post was a great tease, but wait till you see this.  This put all the fears of the fans to rest.  The Flash is everything we’re hoping it will be.

The origin story involves an explosion at a particle accelerator in Central City.  It opens a rift between dimensions, bringing over all manner of unobtainium style phenomena, including the lightning bolt that zaps Barry Allen in his laboratory.  The new show is rich and lush in its interpretation, and doesn’t dance around the question like Smallville and Arrow did on their debuts.  We get straight to the punchline.

The production values and effects look amazing, and the acting looks very solid.  We expect big things from The Flash. 

The new show is currently in production, and airs this fall on the CW network. It stars Grant Gustin in the title role. An exact air date of the pilot episode has not been announced, but the show will air Tuesdays at 8PM.

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Krypton Radio First Look: CW’s ‘The Flash’. Don’t Blink.

#dontblink is the new hashtag the CW has given to the new spinoff from Arrow, their popular DC Comics superhero series.  The new series name?  The Flash, of course.

Don’t blink.

Though we think the BBC might have a little problem with the CW reusing a hashtag already strongly associated with Doctor Who, it’s probable that the fans themselves won’t mind too much. They’ve also elaborated a bit on Barry Allen’s origin story. Now it’s partly the result of a freak storm caused by a particle accelerator run amok, not just lightning and a rack full of chemicals. A bit more fanciful, and updated for the modern age.

The Flash officially went to pilot on January 29, 2014.  The show stars Glee veteran Grant Gustin in the title role, and is currently in production.

They even got the speed effect just right, paying a strong homage to the comic books from which The Flash is derived.  Enjoy this exciting first look.



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