Krypton Radio’s Days of Darkness: ‘Once Bitten’


One of my favorite go-to Halloween movies, Once Bitten is a delightfully campy ’80s vampire romp with nary a bit of CGI in it anywhere.  

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SDCC 2014: ‘Penny Dreadful’ Loves You to Death!

Krypton Radio was on hand as Aisha Tyler moderated an awesome panel with the creator and cast of Showtime’s ‘Penny Dreadful’ at SDCC!

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Dark Legends, Vampire-Themed MMORPG, Declared A No-Sparkle Zone

"You're just my type!  O-negative, isn't it?"

Spacetime Studios is releasing on Android for two weeks only a new MMO called Dark Legends. This is definitely a no-sparkling zone, and can be played simultaneously with players on Google Chrome on desktop machines. A version for Apple smart phones and iPads is coming soon.

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