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Apr 282012
Webshooter fiber nozzle
by Samantha Lowell

Columbia Ramps Up PR Campaign For Upcoming Movie

Columbia’s Pictures’ viral marketing campaign for the upcoming film The Amazing Spider-Man seems to have the internet abuzz these days and the surprises just keep on coming.

A new viral site, Parker’s POV , the eponymous character’s blog,has emerged that reveals blueprints and a video of Peter Parker’s webshooter designs for the reboot.

The clever, word-of-mouth viral campaign-aimed at the coveted youth demographic-has shifted into high gear in the past months and includes a site called Mark of the Spider-Man, representing pro-Spider-Man views in Marvel’s Comics’New York and an anti-vigilante themed site called webbedmenace.com. Both sites invite reader participation and contain hidden clues about the upcoming film.

Sam Raimi’s movie trilogy had Peter Parker’s webshooters as an organic mutation. Raimi felt it was unrealistic for a teenager, however gifted, to be able to invent such a device, though early takes of the film revealed Maguire’s Peter Parker using a mechanical webshooter-like device to augment his organic webshooters, though these scenes were edited out of the finished film.

Amazing Spider-Man director Mark Webb’s reboot of the franchise has taken a more traditional approach, portraying mechanical devices to create Spiider-Man’s webbing. The newly revealed diagrams show the webshooters as cannibalized from discarded wrist watch parts.

The Amazing Spider-Man opens on July 3rd and stars Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, and Dennis Leary.

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