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Aug 192011

With lights flashing and siren blaring we race into action, chasing another Friday edition of Weekly Artist Spotlight! Today we feature the musical antics of Fredrik Larsson aka FreddeGredde; who you could accuse of having split personalities, but he puts them to good use in his one-man/multi-man shows he’s produced on YouTube displaying his impressive talents.  Finishing up we take a look at the new and improved Thundercats from Cartoon Network studios, and give it our critique.




While surfing the YouTube waves, we came across this young man who helped spark the pleasant memories of cartoons from childhoods past and saw that he had a genuine talent to be recognized.

From his website:

Fredrik (FreddeGredde) Larsson is a 25 year old Swedish musician, who quietly started making videos of himself playing different instruments at home. Unexpectedly, his videos turned into a huge success, and currently he’s the most popular Swedish musician on YouTube, having more than 100,000 subscribers and 20,000,000 views.

He’s currently working on his debut album “Thirteen Eight“, which is composed entirely by himself. The songs are very diverse, ranging from soft piano ballads to 15 minute prog epics, so there’s something for everyone on it! He’s playing all the instruments by himself, except for drums, played by David (Joeyjunior15) Schlein.




ThunderCats 2011


Has Cartoon Network run out of ideas for original shows? We’re not sure but it is keeping up with most of HollyWood in remaking old series and movies in to modern-day edgy storylines that the 30-40 year-olds who grew up on 80’s toons will like. Over the years Cartoon Network has been making a shift in programming that appeals to slightly more mature audiences, yet is still watchable by kids as young as pre-teen. So with the launch of ThunderCats 2011, we see yet another 80’s icon brought back from the film vault and given the modern spit-polishing it probably needed.

For those old or young enough to remember the original ThunderCats, it featured a cast of Anthropomorphic cats, mostly human looking aside from their feline features, with names such as Lion-O and Cheetara; who battled the evil lizard people and their demonic leader Mum-Ra. With the group’s sidekick and cheerleader “Snarf”, who is probably the dialog coach for the Pokemon shows, they traveled the planet doing right and stopping the bad guys at every turn in their quest to restore the kingdom of Thundera.

Fast forward to 2011, and we see the modern adaptation of the series. The story wasn’t changed so radically that it would offend old-school fans, and it has much to our delight, excellent writing, animation, and voice acting so far. The show’s creators took a somewhat typical 80’s silly storyline and have fashioned it into an inspiring fantasy drama, that can and is, highly recommended to anyone. We wont spoil the story for those who haven’t seen it, but in comparison the new ThunderCats is darker, edgier and just plain fun for all ages. Although that seems to be the trend, taking the old and silly and making it dark, brooding, and dramatic. ThunderCats impresses greatly with a very dramatic, yet heartwarming storyline that helps teach the younger generation some good morals.

But for those who disliked the character of Snarf from the 80’s version, and thought he was about as much fun as steel knives on a chalkboard. Snarf returns as a cuter and thankfully quieter cat in the modern edition. ThunderCats features the voice talents of: Will Friedle, Robin Atkin Downes, Matthew Mercer, Emmanuelle Chriqui, Kevin Michael Richardson, Dee Bradley Baker, and Corey Burton.

For now, we’re giving this 5 out of 5 stars.



 Weekly Artist Spotlight, is Krypton Radio’s bi-weekly feature to help raise awareness of the artists who you may not have heard about through mainstream media. All content used in this feature, is from publicly available sources, and is used solely to promote the artists we think are just plain cool.
Aug 162011

Put on your blue suede shoes and swing your hips, as it’s time for a special Elvis Presley edition of Weekly Artist Spotlight! We decided to delay the Monday edition until today, in order to celebrate the anniversary of the passing of the King of rock and roll, mister Elvis Aaron Presley. Elvis passed away on the 16th of August 1977, the legendary singer would have been 76 years old as of today had he lived. While we normally like to spotlight artists you’ve rarely heard of, we felt we just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to give a salute to the man who has inspired so many generations of musicians and other performers.



Frome the official Elvis website:

Elvis Aaron Presley was born to Vernon and Gladys Presley in a two-room house in Tupelo, Mississippi, on January 8, 1935. His twin brother, Jessie Garon, was stillborn, leaving Elvis to grow up as an only child. He and his parents moved to Memphis, Tennessee, in 1948, and Elvis graduated from Humes High School there in 1953.

Elvis’ musical influences were the pop and country music of the time, the gospel music he heard in church and at the all-night gospel sings he frequently attended, and the black R&B he absorbed on historic Beale Street as a Memphis teenager.

In 1954, Elvis began his singing career with the legendary Sun Records label in Memphis. In late 1955, his recording contract was sold to RCA Victor. By 1956, he was an international sensation. With a sound and style that uniquely combined his diverse musical influences and blurred and challenged the social and racial barriers of the time, he ushered in a whole new era of American music and popular culture.

He starred in 33 successful films, made history with his television appearances and specials, and knew great acclaim through his many, often record-breaking, live concert performances on tour and in Las Vegas. Globally, he has sold over one billion records, more than any other artist. His American sales have earned him gold, platinum or multi-platinum awards. Among his many awards and accolades were 14 Grammy nominations (3 wins) from the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences, the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award which he received at age 36, and his being named One of the Ten Outstanding Young Men of the Nation for 1970 by the United States Jaycees. Without any of the special privileges, his celebrity status might have afforded him, he honorably served his country in the U.S. Army.

His talent, good looks, sensuality, charisma, and good humor endeared him to millions, as did the humility and human kindness he demonstrated throughout his life. Known the world over by his first name, he is regarded as one of the most important figures of twentieth century popular culture. Elvis died at his Memphis home, Graceland, on August 16, 1977.

Interesting Superhero related factoid: Some of Elvis’ work ended up in the sound track for Smallville during its ten year run.  Elvis was also a huge comic book fan, and his trademark high collar jacket and cape and even his hair style came from his obsession with Captain Marvel Jr.  Boxes of his Captain Marvel Jr. comic books were recently discovered in the attic  Graceland and with a copy of Captain Marvel Jr. #51 (1947) placed on the desk in the recreation of his childhood room.

The man may be gone, but his music and inspiration will live on forever, Long live the King of Rock and Roll!


Aug 122011

And we’re back to another wild wacky and slightly toasty Friday edition of Weekly Artist Spotlight, Monday’s edition was postponed due to the issues Krypton Radio was having with its hosting company. Citing an odd hardware failure, the hosting company apologizes and they even gave us a bit of an upgrade and got us setup so we’re nice and stable again. So let’s kick off today with The Great Luke Ski, and his hit song Marvel Poppins. Following up the musical comedy stylings of Luke, we  take a look at the folks from Indy Mogul who share our love of superheroes and even offer a video on how to make your own Captain America costume, complete with shield!

the great Luke Ski

From Wikipedia

Luke Ski (also known as “the great Luke Ski”; born Luke Collis Sienkowski) is a parody, filk and rap artist who writes, records and performs comedy music. (The decapitalization of the words “the great” in Sienkowski’s stage name is his own preferred spelling, and the title has appeared as such on all of his albums to date.) He had the #1 most requested song on the Dr. Demento radio show in both 2002 and 2003 (“Peter Parker” featuring Sudden Death and “Stealing Like a Hobbit”, respectively.[1][2])

Topics of his parodies have included The Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Spider-Man, Keanu Reeves and Hamlet. He has, in one song, parodied all the Star Trek television shows. His parody songs are reminiscent of the pop music works of “Weird Al” Yankovic. Luke helped bring parodies of rap and hip-hop to Science Fiction conventions. He does not play an instrument, and sings to pre-recorded music, often in costume or with props. Much of his work satirizes science fiction movies, television, and their marketing and are often from a fan perspective. Many of his longer works are snippets of song parodies collected together into an extended medley, such as Grease Wars or It’s A Fanboy Christmas.

Since 1996, Luke has released numerous albums. He is a frequent performer at science fiction and gaming conventions. Luke is also a caricature artist, and has done the cover art for several of his own albums (with the notable exception of UnCONVENTIONal, which features the artwork of John Kovalic).

Luke Ski hosts the weekly show Dementia Revolution on Dementia Radio, and has a bi-monthly podcast that he hosts with back-up vocalist Carrie Dahlby called “Luke and Carrie’s Bad Rapport” in each episode there are several segments in which the two talk about different things, this podcast also regularly features comedy music.


Luke & Carrie’s Bad Rapport Podcast at:



Indy Mogu

A sensation on YouTube, Indy Mogul is self-described as the first network for the YouTube generation! Do you love movies? Making em? Watching em? Weve got you covered! Indy Mogul has DIY filmmaking tips, step-by-step cheap special effects, previews of upcoming flicks, and reviews of the hottest pictures at the megaplex. Dont just WATCH Indy Mogul give us your comments and requests, submit your films, and become an Indy Moguler.

For this video, we see their Backyard FX and How to build your own Captain America shield! Check out more videos at http://www.IndyMogul.com

Fun movie fact, did you know that: Kodak Safety Film is called that because it is guaranteed not to explode.  Originally, film was made of nitrate, which under the proper circumstances could catch fire in the projection booth or even detonate in the cans on rare occasions.

Gives a whole new meaning to a movie bombing at the box-office!

 Weekly Artist Spotlight, is Krypton Radio’s bi-weekly feature, to help raise awareness of the artists who you may not have heard about through mainstream media. All content used in Weekly Artist Spotlight, is used from publicly available sources, and is used solely to promote the artists we spotlight.
Aug 012011

Welcome to another happy go-lucky Monday edition of Weekly Artist Spotlight! And today we feature a guy that you more than likely have heard on the majority of comedy videos done by SpiffWorld, and yes we’re talking about legendary and uber geeky singer-songwriter Jonathon Coulton. Following up the lighthearted music of Jonathon, we delve into the world of real life Superheroes; taking fiction and making it reality as people really do wear costumes and go forth to help their fellow citizens!


Jonathon Coulton



Jonathon’s song The Big Boom as featured in the SpiffWorld video by Mike Spiff Booth.
From his Facebook page:

Jonathan Coulton (born December 1, 1970) is an American singer-songwriter, known for his songs about geek culture and his use of the Internet to draw fans. Among his most popular songs are “Code Monkey”, “Re: Your Brains” and “Still Alive“.

A former computer programmer and self-described geek, Coulton tends to write quirky, witty lyrics about science fiction and technology: a man who thinks in simian terms, a mad scientist who falls in love with one of his captives, and the dangers of bacteria. Rare topical songs include 2005’s “W’s Duty”, which sampled President George W. Bush, and 2006’s “Tom Cruise Crazy”. Most of Coulton’s recordings feature his singing over guitar, bass, and drums; some also feature the various other instruments Coulton plays, including accordion, harmonica, mandolin, banjo, ukulele, and glockenspiel.

Coulton graduated in 1993 from Yale, where he was a member of the Yale Whiffenpoofs and the Yale Spizzwinks(?). He is now the Contributing Troubadour at Popular Science magazine, whose September 2005 issue was accompanied by a five-song set by him called Our Bodies, Ourselves, Our Cybernetic Arms. He was also the Musical Director for The Little Gray Book Lectures.



The Real Life Super Hero Project


You may think they’re crazy or deluded, you may laugh and criticize them. But it wont stop them from doing what they do best, and that’s helping people. The Real Life Super Hero Project is the visual documentation of the efforts of the many people and groups, who put on costumes and go out into their respective communities to help real people. As you’ll see on their website, these very real people who may not be able to punch through walls, or leap tall buildings in a single bound – instead, they use the most powerful of superhero abilities, and that is to spread Hope.



 Weekly Artist Spotlight, is Krypton Radio’s bi-weekly feature, to help raise awareness of the artists who you may not have heard about through mainstream media. All content used in Weekly Artist Spotlight, is used from publicly available sources, and is used solely to promote the artists we spotlight.
Jul 292011

It’s time again for another Friday edition of Weekly Artist Spotlight! First off a quick apology for our Monday edition not getting to press, every so often that wacky thing called life comes knocking, and we got a little sidetracked. So to make up for that, we’re doing a Special Edition feature today and we’re going to overdose a bit on everyone’s favorite brooding ,cave-dwelling billionaire, Bruce Wayne aka BATMAN!


Batman: City of Scars

Let’s start off with Bat in the Sun Productions, these folks have produced what has to be one of the most incredibly well made fan scripts for the Batman storyline. Not only did they write their own script, they’ve created a few extremely high-quality half-hour long dramas that could rival that of many major television networks.

From the BITS site:

Bat in the Sun Productions is a self-contained film and music production company. We are based in the Los Angeles area, 10 miles north of Hollywood California in the city of Calabasas. The Company began in 2001 and was founded by both Aaron Schoenke and Sean Schoecnke, the work of BITS has collected many film festival awards and has received notable attention from the film industry as well as a loyal fan base.

Follow BITS at: http://www.batinthesun.com


 Batman: Arkham City

After watching the exciting adventures of Batman, your inner Superhero nerd is probably jonesing for some interactive action with the caped crusader. So we’ll follow BITS up with Batman: Arkham City, the sequel to the hugely successful Batman Arkham Asylum videogame.  Batman: Arkham City will be released on the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC on October 18, 2011.

From Wikipdia:

The story for Arkham City takes place about one year after the events of Arkham Asylum.[10] Quincy Sharp, former warden of Arkham Asylum, has taken credit for stopping the Joker, and used the notoriety to become mayor of Gotham City. As neither Arkham nor Blackgate Prison are in any condition to detain inmates, Sharp buys out a large section of Gotham’s slums and arms the perimeter with private military contractors from a group called Tyger in order to create “Arkham City”. The prisoners are brought into Arkham City and are given free rein, as long as they do not attempt escape. To oversee the city, Sharp hires psychiatrist Hugo Strange who appears to have his own secret agenda for the city. Batman maintains a vigil over the city, worried that the situation may get out of hand.[4] Part of the setup for “Arkham City” was contained in plans in a hidden room in Sharp’s office in Arkham Asylum.[11]

The events of the game are set in motion when Two-Face, seeking to gain notoriety among the inmates and other villains outside the city, devises a plan to publicly execute Catwoman. Batman decides for both the safety of Gotham and of his past relationship with Catwoman that he must stop the execution by entering Arkham City.[4] Catwoman takes advantage of the chaos in Arkham City to acquire jewelry.[12]

A teaser trailer was released that featured Joker being nursed by Harley Quinn from the effects of the Titan formula (and the explosive gel punch from Batman) while Gotham descends into chaos.[13] The sequel was described by veteran Batman voice actor Kevin Conroy as “really, really dark”. While relating the game’s dark nature to the animated movie Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker, Conroy also said, “It involves a lot of the villains and it goes to that area – it’s that dark.

Get the latest on Batman: Arkham City at: http://www.batmanarkhamcity.com


 The Batmobile!

Great shows and what looks like a video game that will keep your inner Bat-geek happy for many hours to come, now we hit you with a video that will make you drool with envy. Even if you’re not that big of a Batman fan, car lovers will be on their knees begging to drive this beauty.

From their YouTube site:

This is the only Bat car created that makes fiction reality. It is powered by a military spec turboshaft engine driving the rear wheels through a semi automatic gearbox. It features a custom tube frame/monocoque chassis with fully independent suspension, disc brakes, and a sequential shifter. It runs on kerosene, diesel, or Jet fuel and has a power to weight ratio comparable to a Dodge Viper. The car is registered and insured for the road in the United States. Built in 2011 by Casey Putsch. Casey Putsch has the Putsch Racing facility.


Batman: The Dark Knight Rises


Coming this summer…


 Weekly Artist Spotlight, is Krypton Radio’s bi-weekly feature, to help raise awareness of the artists who you may not have heard about through mainstream media. All content used in Weekly Artist Spotlight, is used from publicly available sources, and is used solely to promote the artists we spotlight.
Jul 222011

It’s been a busy week for the folks at Krypton Radio, but we didn’t forget about the Friday edition of Weekly Artist Spotlight! Let’s get the weekend going with some music, and there’s no better way that we know of than some hard rock and ease on into some instrumental.

You’ve kicked off your shoes and are ready to relax right? Good!



From their website:

TARSHA is the LA based hard rock band featuring lead vocalist Seann Nicols (Tarsha), guitarist Jimmy Douglas, bassist Patrick Morgan, and drummer Kyle Cunningham. Tarsha has been described as “one of the best artists ever at exorcising demons in bursts of creative genius.” (Pitriff.com)

Tarsha released the self-titled ASYLUM EP in 2005. The EP featured the songs Asylum, Upside Down, and You Are Everything, all of which received critical acclaim, garnering seven international songwriting awards from Billboard, Independent Music Awards, and Song of the Year.

In May 2005, Tarsha became the lead singer of Adler’s Appetite, the band led by original Guns N’ Roses drummer Steven Adler. Tarsha toured internationally with Adler’s Appetite through 2006.

In 2007, Tarsha independently released his first full-length album “Prophecies”, which became a worldwide Internet radio hit, reaching No. 2 and remaining on the Live 365 Rock Top 30 chart for 77 weeks.

Tarsha released his sophomore album “Divine Universe” in 2008.

After completing a U.S. tour singing for Adler’s Appetite again in 2009, Tarsha independently released “The Singles EP”, complete with a music video for the song “Second Life”.

Tarsha began performing live with his original band TARSHA in 2009. The band performed at The Viper Room, The Whisky A Go Go, and The Roxy, landing a monthly residency at The House of Blues Sunset Strip in direct support for Steel Panther (Metal Skool).

Tarsha also sang for the Phoenix, Arizona based hard rock band ICON. Tarsha made his first appearance with ICON at the Rocklahoma festival in July 2009 in Pryor, Oklahoma and later performed with the band in their hometown, opening for Queensryche at The Orpheum Theater.

Tarsha also appears on the latest Liberty N’ Justice album “Light It Up”, released on Retroactive Records Jan. 19th 2010, performing lead vocals on the original song Uncle Sam, which also features bassist Jeff Pilson of Dokken/Foreigner.


Follow Tarsha on: Twitter and Facebook

Phil Holland

And now for our second feature of the day, we’ll take a look at some professional art design and music production. One such fellow is Mr Holland, he is one of those Hollywood legends you don’t normally hear about, one of those unsung heroes of the city that has produced some of the best that has graced the silver screen. Aside from his photography and islustrated works, Phil has a musical album out which is free to download from his website, we very highly recommend it!

“Released in February 2008, DIN represents a two year instrumental journey. Each song was inspired by chaotic and peaceful defining moments in that span of time. “


From his website:

Phil Holland was born and raised in Southern California. He took an interest in art, science, and entertainment at a very young age. After graduating high school he decided to redirect his interests away from his scienctific career aspirations and education to focus on his creative desires. Determined to improve upon his abilities, for the next few years he was drawing and studying around two to sixteen hours a day. Striving to understand more about color, composition, anatomy, and art history.

From 1999 through 2010 he was employed at Rhythm and Hues Studios. While there he worked on over 100 features films. For the first 5 years of his career he was primarily utilized as a Digital Colorist. Towards the second half of his career at R&H he served more along the lines of a Technical Cinematographer, Still Photographer, and VFX/Color Consultant. Titled as a “Digital Imaging Specialist” he has produced unique solutions to many of the problems in the rapidly changing world of visual effects and cinematography at the studio.

Phil also has a rewarding and active freelance career. He has provided conceptual illustration, matte painting, still photography, color correction/grading, and commercial photography on motion pictures, video games, the music industry, and print for numerous projects.

Currently he is enjoying creating fine art and focusing his professional photographic efforts towards more of a fashion/celebrity/editorial direction. Phil is also focusing a lot of energy towards his cinematography career and has a unique perspective on film making from his work in pre-production, being in front of the camera, behind the camera, post production, and drawing on extensive on set experience.

In his spare time Phil enjoys spending time with friends, drawing, creating music, exploring nature, learning, teaching, and creating personal works.


Follow on Phil on: Twitter and Check out The Art Department!


Weekly Artist Spotlight, is Krypton Radio’s bi-weekly feature, to help raise awarness of the artists who you may not have heard about through mainstream media. All content used in Weekly Artist Spotlight, is used from publicly available sources, and is used to promote the artists we spotlight.