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I have been involved in SF Fandom since 1969 when I first attended a LASFS meeting in Los Angeles. My first SF convention was the 1970 Westercon XXIII in Goleta, California where my partner and friend Bob Short and I were exhibitors and at which we entered and won our first convention masquerade.

Bob and I were in only in our late teens, but we had been avid fans of the internationally popular t.v. spy series "The Man From U.N.C.L.E." for several years by then and had amassed a unique collection of scripts, props,costumes, stills, posters and more.

In 1970, collecting film and television memorabilia was not even the hobby it eventually became, much less the business it eventually became, so for a few years Bob and I were among a very small elite crowd. Displays of props and other artifacts from SF and horror movies and t.v. now abound at any SF or media con and is expected s.o.p. at such events. But, 4 decades ago it was an exciting rarity!

We began exhibiting our collection at various SF and media conventions over the years but our very first was the Goleta Westercon. Our last and biggest display was presented at the 1984 Worldcon in Anaheim, California and included the famous U.N.C.L.E. car, a rolling weapon, ala Bond's Aston Martin. I was also personally responsible for the extensive exhibit from the Ackerman collection on display at that Worldcon.

I attended many L.A. SF and media conventions throughout that decade and, with Bob Short, won so many awards at masquerades that we officially took ourselves out of competetion, but continued to perform as masquerade "half time" entertainment and/or MC's for a few more years.

For over a decade I was quite actively involved in fannish activities. For several years Jack Jardine, (aka Larry Maddock, author of the "Agent of T.E.R.R.A." novels), was a dear friend, partner and room-mate. Among my best friends I counted David McDaniel (author of several "Man From U.N.C.L.E." novels and the SF classic "Arsenal Out Of Time"), Hank Stine (author of "A Day in the Life", book 3 of the Prisoner novels, and SF classic "Season of the Witch", among others) and cartoonist/author/filmaker Charles Lee Jackson II. I threw a 16th wedding anniversary party for friends George Clayton Johnson ("Twilight Zone", "Star Trek", "Logan's Run", etc.) and his wife Lola in my Santa Monica apartment. I was co-director of the LOSCON 11 masquerade at which I also arranged a special 60th birthday tribute for longtime friend Forry Ackerman. Flowers were presented by his God-daughter Sabra Jardine and a taped message from Phil Farmer was played in his honor (Hear the message). The mid 70's amateur video tape production "The Night Turkey" (a spoof of "The Night Stalker"), in which I played the villian (yes, the turkey!) won The Best Film award at the San Diego Comic-Con in 19seventysomething (I'll have to look up the year). You can hear some of it on Page Three of the Audio Clips section.

I returned to my fannish 'roots' in 2005 after approximately 20 years of GAFIA. 

I am now married to, the former Roxie Smith, (second generation fan, former 'fan brat' and daughter of Tex and Ginger Smith). We live in Las Vegas, Nevada with our family of pets (cats, fish and iguana). 

I have been an audiophile since my childhood. The Voices of Fandom web site is merely one manifestation of this continuing 'affliction'...

I currently produce audio books for REB Audio Books a division of Renaissance eBooks Incorporated. My audiobooks are available at our online eStore, as well as, and other fine eTailers.

Photographic evidence of much of the above can be found in our Mills Photo Archive.

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