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Ross Chamberlain as the 'Physician'    Ross' DEBUT as an actor!
in 2 scenes excerpted from new audio book "The Fall Of The House Of Usher" available NOW from REB Audio Books
time: 3:21
Forrest J Ackerman - about meeting Bela Lugosi  time: 1:31
Arnie Katz Snaps! - discusses the first issue of "SNAPS" to be published under his editorship Recorded October 7, 2006 at the Launch Pad, the meeting place of Las Vegrants in Las Vegas, Nv. time: 2:43
Forrest J Ackerman - on the subject of how "Vampirella" was born time: 2:33
Arnie Katz on being lovable! - discusses a recent article he authored on the subject of being lovable... and points out that Bob Tucker was inherently lovable.Recorded 10-07-06 at the meeting of Las Vegrants in Las Vegas, Nv. time: 4:38
Forrest J Ackerman - on the subject of agenting for authors time: 3:47
Arnie Katz toasts Bob Tucker - Recorded 10-07-06 at the meeting of Las Vegrants in Las Vegas, Nv. time: 0:52
Arnie Katz on Las Vegas fandom in 2006 and 2007   with Bill Mills
Recorded Jan. 03, 2007 at the Launch Pad (the home of Arnie and Joyce Katz)
time: 23:10
Vintage clip from actual radio report on UFO sightings    date of airing unknown (possibly late 50's early 60's) time: 0:56
Robert Silverberg Interviewed by Paul Fischer
at the Hugo Awards Nominee's Party (aka 'the Loser's Party') - Worldcon 2006
time: 7:19

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