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Charles Lee Jackson II - on visiting Forry Ackerman  in the hospital after his fall and hip injury in March of 2007. (recorded by phone 03/22/07)  time: 5:14
Charles Lee Jackson II - reminiscing about Forrest J Ackerman
(recorded by phone 03/22/07)
time: 2:55
Shelby Vick - "Gets Opinionated"   From his column/article in Vegas Fandom Weekly - May 2007 Read By Bill Mills time: 4:05
Bill Mills in memorium for Frank Gasperik    Bill speaks about old friend Frank Gasperik time: 4:03
A Brief History Of Las Vegrants - The Las Vegas Invitational Fan Social Group
From an article written by Arnie Katz for the fanzine Vegas Fandom Weekly - Read by Bill Mills
time: 5:41
The Night Turkey - Partial Reel One of Two - This is the audio track from the late 70's video tape production, a parody of 'The Night Stalker'. This audio was recorded with an open mic during a showing at the San Diego comic con 19__ . Sadly, it begins a few minutes into the show and does not include the actual beginning of the video. Admittedly, it is of questionable quality, the audience can be heard reacting with laughter, etc., but it is listenable. It ends with producer/director William Malone saying "that's the end of reel one..." to the audience. It starred Robert Short as reporter Karl Korncheck and Bill Mills as the Night Turkey. Others featured in the cast include Malone, Robert Alverez, longtime fan and collector Bob Burns (as Hot Daddy Dan), and make-up artist Rick Baker. In another cameo, well known fan Craig Miller can be heard calling for the police from a Col. Sanders resturant. (I hope to also have Reel Two available soon) time: 17:22 (15mb mp3)
Philip Jose Farmer   Wishing Forry Ackerman 'Happy Birthday'
recorded by phone by Bill Mills for presentation at LOSCON 11 - 1984 
time: 0:15
Charles Lee Jackson II Recalls joining LASFS in 1967 on the 42nd Anniversary of the ocassion! recorded October 19th, 2009 time: 4:56

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