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Forrest J Ackerman - on the subject of how 'Famous Monsters of Filmland" was born.  time: 5:53
Ray Bradbury - speech in tribute to Forrest J Ackerman time: 5:12
Forrest J Ackerman - on the subject of Ray Bradbury time: 5:10
"How To Stop Writing For Fanzines"  parts 1 & 2
written by Charles Burbee (1947 or 1948?) Read by Bill Mills 2006 
time: 6:56
Larry Maddock (author "The Agent of T.E.R.R.A." series - aka Jack Jardine) as a Dee-Jay! Rare radio 'air-check' from station K-A-L-F in Mesa, Arizona mid 1960's time: 3:54
Forrest J Ackerman - on the subject of visiting Mary Shelly's home and grave. time: 1:32
The Long Night Of Sitting Bull a poem by Joyce Worley Katz
Read by Joyce Worley Katz - 2006
time: 1:17
Forrest J Ackerman - on the subject of how he became a science fiction fan... a magazine 'spoke' to him! time: :30
"Texaco Radio Commercials" - Jack Jardine (Larry Maddock) and daughter Sabra Jardine Recorded for station K-A-L-F, Mesa Arizona mid 1960's time: 1:44
WorldCon 2006 Report - A Personal Perspective by Charles Lee Jackson II
recorded by phone - excerpted from the first TVOF podcast.
time: 21:30
CLJII and the 4e Award - Charles Lee Jackson II thoughts on Bob Tucker's passing and his nomination for the LASFS 2006 "Forrest J. Ackerman Award" (recorded by phone 10-09-06) time: 9:42

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