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Darn Near All the Filk on the Web! Fan Data's Fandom Directory
Ohio Valley Filk Fest Science Fiction Oral History Association
Filking with Julia (Julia West) Science Fiction Convention Directory
Filk Music of Mark Mandel
Filk Music of Nancy Louise Freeman at CD Baby Fast-Forward TV - SF WebCasts - Author Interviews, etc.
Filk Music of Dr. SETI Stromata (fanzine site)
The Great Luke Ski - Filk and other Dementia Shelby Vick's Planetary Stories
The Art of Lubov The Dead Pit Horror Fan Web Site and podcasts
The Art of Ross Chamberlain
Known Space (Unofficial Larry Niven Web Site) Joe Bethancourt's Performance Schedule
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James Halperin's 'Truth Machine'
paraFANalia (Bruce Burn photos)
The Art Of Don Simpson
Spinning Planets - The music of Chris Rondeau Tom Digby's Web Site
Sci-Fi Web Channel PageTurner Editions eBooks
SciFi Network's EUReKA pages
M.G.M's Official Stargate web site
Percepto Records web site CLJII Presentations
Jim Linwood's Nebula Science Fiction Magazine site The Science Fiction Museum
The Agony Column Audio Interview Archive - Rick Kleffel
Hunter's Planet - Hunter Goatley Orbit Drive-In - Official Joe R. Lansdale web site
Slice Of Sci-Fi - web site and podcasts Trek United - Fan web site and podcasts
Sad Geezer's Guide to Cult Sci-Fi films Science Fact & Science Fiction Concatenation
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