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*NOTE: ALL of the recordings below may not be FILK SONGS. However, all are offered as historic "audio artifacts" demonstrating the works of various well known fans and pros. We hope you enjoy hearing them!
Skip To The Loo   Performed by LEE Gold  ( with help from Barry ) 
Westercon Filk Room 1978 
Quarter Million Sunsets Worth Of Lonely
performed by David McDaniel ( aka Ted Johnstone ) 196? 
Mary O'Meara   written by Poul Anderson and Anne Passovoy 
performed by David McDaniel ( aka Ted Johnstone ) 196? ( from the collection of Karen Anderson - Trigonier Trust )
A Martian's Complaint  written and performed by Tom Digby  - 196? ( from the collection of Barry Gold )
A hastily written & recorded  filk by Bill Mills for Christmas 2006
Virtual Filk Room 1 Hour! Barry & Lee Gold and a roomful of friendly filkers sing from the Gold's filk song "hymnals"
Recorded in the Filk Room at the Westercon - 1978  (listen closely and you'll hear Poul Anderson in attendance!)
From the collection of Ginger ( Waugh Smith ) Borden ( running time:1:00:40 )
Mary O'Meara   written by Poul Anderson  and Anne Passovoy  arranged and performed by Bill Mills  recorded 01-09-07
Originally written in 3/4 (waltz) time. A new arrangement in 4/4 (march/2 step) time. Now it's a filk love song you can dance to!
Bouncing Potatoes  Words: Poul Anderson - Music: "Waltzing Matilda"
Performed by Bill and Roxanne Mills  - Feb. 2007
The Gila Monster's Lament   written by Charles Lee Jackson II
produced and performed by Bill Mills and his Cybertronic Cowboy Band (accompaniment is all midi keyboard) - 2001
LOSCON 11 (1984) Masquerade Opening B.G. Music  The opening 'comedy bit' to start the program and the background music track used to introduce the Maquerade judges. (music used: "Duel" from film "Electric Dreams" and "The Martian Hop")

*Note regarding all TVoF audio files: If you enable 'COVER ART' in your mp3 player you will frequently see additional information including photo, artwork, lyrics and/or other info.

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