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*NOTE: ALL of the recordings below may not be FILK SONGS. However, all are offered as historic "audio artifacts" demonstrating the works of various well known fans and pros. We hope you enjoy hearing them!
Thank Ghu, I'm A Fannish Boy!  Performed by Bill Mills - Filk lyrics by Bill Mills.
to the tune of "Thank God, I'm A Country Boy!" written by John Denver
Space Rush    Instrumental written and performed by Frank Coe 
intended for his early 90's "New Music For Robots" updating his now famous original "Music For Robots"
The Green Hills Of Earth - Performed by Frank Gasperik - Original Lyric: Robert A. Heinlein
In Western Lands - written by J. R. R. Tolkien - Performed by Chuck Rein - 196?
Transferred from rare 45 rpm record! A contribution from the collection of Ned Brooks. 
*Note: This is a slightly re-edited version of the original recording. Damage to the sound in the last verse required editing to make it listenable.
I Love To Break Wind - performed by Lynn Gold - words & music Lynn Gold
from a LIVE performance at Westercon 61
Holistic California Love - performed by Lynn Gold - words & music Lynn Gold
from a LIVE performance at Westercon 61
Dear Little Flo - performed by Patrick Carlyle - 1985
*this was recorded as a 'comment' for a show Bill Mills produced as William Wilde called "The Wildeside".
Patrick sang on the phone and Bill then re-edited the audio and added b.g. vocals and organ for fun.

*Note regarding all TVoF audio files: If you enable 'COVER ART' in your mp3 player you will frequently see additional information including photo, artwork, lyrics and/or other info.

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