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Excerpts from Las Vegrants Audio One Shot, 4E Ackerman, Worldcon 2006 report from C. L. Jackson, filk music from Barry Gold and Bill Mills. Hosted by Bill Mills. (program time 46:17)
TVoF PODCAST # 2  November 2006
News from October, bio of Bob Tucker, Toast to Bob Tucker by Arnie Katz, Charles Jackson tells of his own and Tucker's nominations for the 4E Award for 2006, Filk music from the Golds, more Voices from Vegas Fandom (Alan White & Teresa Cochran), and more! Hosted by Bill Mills. (program time 37:23)
TVoF PODCAST # 3    December 2006
Our December podcast is mostly a musical offering with Holiday Songs from R2D2&C3P0, Lovecraft, Bah & The Humbugs and more. Show also includes the premiere of a new holiday FILK song by Bill Mills: “The Fannish 12 Days Of Christmas”. We hope you enjoy it. Happy Holidays to ALL! Hosted by Bill Mills (program time 26:25)
TVoF PODCAST # 4    January 2007
On this TVOF podcast: Arnie Katz on Core Fandom and Vegas Fandom at year end, interview with Orson Welles, fannish news and filk music (brand new arrangement and recording of “Mary O’Meara” performed by program host Bill Mills). Program time: 39:00 
Web Sites Mentioned In This Program: 
Planetary Stories 
CORFLU 24 (Bill Burn's web site)
Ross Chamberlain
Alan White's
The Ghastly Love Of Johnny X
Renaissance eBooks and Audio Books
TVoF PODCAST # 5    February 2007
On this podcast: February Faanish NEWS including announcement of the 2006 Faan Award winners & 2008 Corflu site choice, Jean Stine remembers David McDaniel in his filking days followed by a recording of David performing Tom Digby's filk song 'Shottle Bop', Arnie Katz recalls the con that inspired the classic Poul Anderson filk song 'Bouncing Potatoes' followed by a new performance of the song by Bill and Roxie Mills. (hosted Bill Mills). Program time: 29:04
Web Sites Mentioned In This Program:
The Rotsler Award website
Renaissance eBooks and Audio Books
The "Corflu Special" attempts to describe fanzine fandom's Corflu conventions with information about Corflu in general, a personal perspective and some history from Arnie and Joyce Katz, as well as interviews with and con reports from John Purcell, James Taylor, Lenny Bailes and Teresa Cochran, attendees of the recently held Corlfu Quire (the 24th Corflu). Plus faanish news for March. (hosted by Bill Mills). Program time: 58:37 
TVoF PODCAST # 7   April/May 2007
On this podcast: some filk music, some news and some faanish fun! A report from Charles Jackson on visiting Forrest J Ackerman in the hospital after his hip injury, an audio message from British fan John Nielson Hall, the ‘WayBack Machine' spits out 2 filk performances from the 1980 Westercon Fan Cabaret, TVoF web site news and more. (hosted by Bill Mills). Program time: 54:03 
Web Sites Mentioned In This Program: 
Las Vegrants 
The Filk Archive
Renaissance eBooks and Audio Books
Being unable to attend the official memorial service and filk sing afterward, we mount our own 'mini-memorial' filk concert for L.A. SF Fandom and Filk community favorite Frank Gasperik. Bill gives some thoughts on the passing of his old friend and performs six filk songs, PLUS one new filk written for Frank by Bill called 'Gasperik Was A Filker' (to the tune of 'Stewball').  Hosted by Bill Mills. Program time: 35:12
Web Sites Mentioned In This Program: 
Known Space (Unofficial Larry Niven Web Site)
TVoF PODCAST # 9  August/September 2007 - THE VERY VEGRANTS EPISODE.
Includes a fan-history of the Las Vegas fan group known as Las Vegrants, news from Corflu Silver (the annual Worldcon of fanzine fandom), Interview with Ross Chamberlain about his book "Angel Without Wings", some music ('Shrimpenstein Theme' and Stargate writers sing the 'Stargate Theme') and some humor (Eureka 'Cryo-Kennel' commercial and David Tennant in a comedy sketch). Hosted by Bill Mills. Program time: 31:57
Web Sites Mentioned In This Program: 
Las Vegrants 
Ross Chamberlain
Westercon 61 'Appreciation' Web Site
PageTurner Editions eBooks
Renaissance eBooks and Audio Books
Bill Mills and TVoF celebrate a year of podcasts with an epsiode in the Halloween spirit, which includes an interview with Arnie Katz about his fanzine Vegas Fandom Weekly reaching it's 100th issue, we conjure up SF author Hal Clement, who died Oct. 29, 2003, for an interview (hey, it's Halloween, okay?), Boris Karloff shows Bill his house, a reading of Poe's "The Raven" from REB Audio Books, as well as some news and a new filk song recording from Bill of Julia West's "Mutants". With 'drop-in' appearances by Jack Benny, Buffy, Basil Rathbone, Claire Bennett, Peter Lorre, Allan Sherman, Bob Hope, Vincent Price, Zacherle and more. It's a Halloween hoot from The Voices Of Fandom. Hosted by Bill Mills. Program time: 57:42
Web Sites Mentioned In This Program:
Las Vegrants
Planetary Stories
PHLIZZ e'zine
Bill Mills' YouTube Channel
PageTurner Editions eBooks
REB Audio Books
TVoF PODCAST # 11    November/December 2007 - THE COMMANDO CODY SPECIAL
This episode is entirely about the Republic serial "Commando Cody - Sky Marshall of the Universe". Special guest, film historian and professor of ephemeral cinema, Charles Lee Jackson II explains the origin and history of this 'cliffhanger-classic' of the golden age of movie serials. Hosted by Bill Mills. Time: 30:31
*NOTE: Since this podcast aired we have found the 12 chapter serial available on DVD from:Serials 'n' SciFi - an eBay store
Web Sites Mentioned In This Program:
Las Vegrants
Movie or Serial Questions? Email C. L. Jackson
Mostly demented Christmas music from the likes of Bah and the Humbugs, C3PO and R2D2, Bette Davis, Marlene Dietrich and more. Also a revised 2007 version of Bill's filk song "12 Faanish Days Of Christmas" performed by Bill and Roxie Mills. Includes a short 'year end wrap rap". TVoF wishes everyone a Happy HoHo and Helluva New Year! Hosted by Bill Mills. Program time: 34:51
Web Sites Mentioned In This Program:
Las Vegrants
TVoF PODCAST # 13    January - February 2008 - The 1st New TVoF "Audio Adventure" of 2008!
On TVoF Podcast #13: The first new 'TVoF Audio Adventure' of 2008! Includes a report on the 2008 FAAn Awards with Arnie Katz, an update on Corflu Silver (the 2008 Fanzine Fan World Convention) from Arnie and Joyce Katz, Ray Bradbury's appearance on You Bet Your Life with Groucho Marx, some humor and filk music ("You Might Be A Trekkie..." and "Fanboy" from The Great Luke Ski). Hosted by Bill Mills. Program time: 30:52
Web Sites Mentioned In This Program:
Las Vegrants
The Great Luke Ski
TVoF PODCAST # 14   March 2008
Corflu Silver news,  Xanadu Las Vegas convention info, discussion with C. L. Jackson about genetic experiments using dinosaur DNA, Stargate Atlantis "Ark of Truth" DVD plug, some humor (a reading of a 'Fannish Desiderata') and some filk music ("Goin' To Corflu Blues" & "Corflu Is Coming"). Hosted by Bill Mills  time: 40:05
 Web Sites Mentioned In This Program:
Las Vegrants
Xanadu Las Vegas convention info
Corflu Silver YouTube group
Corflu Silver GOODIES
Westercon 61 convention info
Stargate Atlantis - Ark of Truth web site
TVoF PODCAST # 15     April-May 2008
Includes a history of fanzines, interview with Scott Anderson about Xanadu Las Vegas, report on upcoming comic/anime/RPG cons from Pacific Fen Spotlight, the Katz' explain Corflu cons, excerpt from 1958 radio show "The Party Line" with Arthur C. Clarke. listener audio comments, some music and some fannish fun! Hosted by Bill Mills (time: 57:38)
Web Sites Mentioned In This Program:
Las Vegrants
Xanadu Las Vegas convention info
Corflu Silver Virtual Con Suite
Pacific Fen Spotlight
The Ghastly Love of Johnny X web site
Graham Charnock - Driveby Harringey
The Corflu Silver Con Report Special. Bill & Roxie's experiences at Corflu Silver. Includes audio of the Opening Ceremony, Bill performs "Goin' To Corflu Blues" and duets with Teresa Cochran, Nic Farey sings "Roll Over Bob Lichtman", 90 year old Art Widner sings the 1st filk song ever written, excerpts from a play by Andy Hooper and a panel about fandom. Time: 59:59 
TVoF PODCAST # 17 -  December 2009
"The Very Vegrants Very Musical Holiday Special". Come along to a "Virtual" Las Vegrants party! Over 55 minutes of music from the Little Band of Vegrants (LBoV) including 'covers' like "Be Bop A Lula", "Tennessee Waltz", "Dark As A Dungeon" as well as Core Fandom filk songs like  "Werewolves of Fandom", "When I Die", "Roll Over Bob Lichtman" and more. The LBoV consists of Bill Mills, Nic Farey, Bobbie Farey, and Teresa Cochran with additional help from JoHn Hardin, Roxie Mills, Barbara Young, Shannon Kidwell and various Vegrants.
(Yes, there is a small, but embarrassing, audio glitch in "Dark As A Dungeon". My apologies)
Songs performed in this podcast:
When I Die - filk (filk lyric by Bill, lead vocal: Bill, bg vocals: Teresa, Bill & JoHn, fiddle: Teresa, lead guitar: Bill)
The Tennessee Waltz (lead vocal: Bill, mandolin & harmony: Teresa, tamborine: Barbara)
Be Bop A Lula (lead vocal: Bill, piano: Nic, bg vocals: Bobbie & Bill) 
Werewolves of Fandom - filk (filk lyric: Nic, lead vocal: Nic, bg vocals: Bobbie & Bill) 
Dark as a Dungeon (lead vocal: Bill, bg vocals: Bobbie and Teresa) 
When Will I Be Loved  (lead vocal: Bobbie, guitars/bass/percussion & bg vocals: Bill )
Peaceful Easy Feeling  (lead vocal: Bill, bg vocals: Teresa, Bobbie, mandolin: Teresa)
Angel Baby  (lead vocal: Teresa, guitars/bass/percussion & bg vocals: Bill)
Mare Take Me Home  (lead vocal: Bill, fiddle & harmony: Teresa, harmonica: JoHn, mandolin/guitars/bass/percussion: Bill) 
The Brand New Tennessee Waltz (lead vocal: Bill, mandolin: Teresa, bg vocals: Teresa & Bobbie) 
Mascara Streaks (written by: Nic, lead vocal: Nic, bg vocals: Bobbie & Bill) 
Old Fashioned Love Song (lead vocal: Bill, organ: Nic, bg vocals: Bobbie & Bill) 
Roll Over, Bob Lichtman - filk (filk lyric: Nic, lead vocal: Nic, piano: Nic, guitars/bass/percussion: Bill, bg vocals: Bobbie & Bill)
Four Strong Winds (lead vocals: Bill & Teresa guitars/bass & bg vocals: Bill)
Knocking on Vegrants' Door - filk (filk lyric: Bill, lead vocal: Bill, bg vocals: Roxie, Bobbie, Teresa, Shannon) 
Core Fan 12 Days of Christmas - filk (filk lyric: Bill, lead vocals: Bill & Roxie)
Time: 62:49
(all music produced by Bill Mills at MAP/TVoF Studios for the LBoV. Additional guitars, bass, vocals and percussion by Bill Mills)
Las Vegrants web site: LASVEGRANTS.COM
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