Second Life Tips for You!

by GreenLantern Excelsior

Sometimes griefers will use dialog box spam in their attacks. You can end up with hundreds of dialog boxes in the upper right corner of your screen. You can click “Ignore” on all of them until they all go away, but sometimes you get that sinking feeling when you see a different box flash across the screen but you didn’t have time to read what it said before you clicked “Ignore.” Was it an inventory offer or a friendship request? You’ll never know. Have no fear, because a solution is available. While working a griefer attack in Sandbox Island Extension I saw the following message in local chat:EmeraldSetupShieldsWindow

Blocked dialogs from Davi Kayor’s object (2dfede37-0dae-787b-ecde-2706ce91da23)

I discovered that the dialog boxes were blocked by my Emerald viewer. I had downloaded version 1.23.5 but hadn’t been involved in dialog spam until now. There were a few dialog boxes up there, but I was able to remove all of them by clicking “Ignore” fewer than 10 times. You can set it up with Edit > Preferences > Emerald > Page 1 > Shields > Dialog Anti-Spam. It’s just another example of fine programming from the folks at, and another reason you should consider running the Emerald viewer if you aren’t already.

About the Justice League Unlimited:

The Justice League Unlimited (JLU) in Second Life in (SL) is a public service organization who pattern their avatars after classic comic book heroes. While JLU members may model their avatars after these fictional personas, the JLU is not a super-hero role-playing group. The mission of the JLU is to provide mentoring and render aid to SL residents in need, primarily new residents, in such areas as building, scripting and security. The JLU often acts as a neighborhood watch organization, patrolling heavily trafficked public areas that are prone to abuse by griefers. We also hold seminars and conventions on public safety, and help estate managers learn effective techniques for keeping their own lands safe.

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