ROF Office_001

Special thanks to Mike Burleigh and his team at Remembering Our Friends for providing the Justice League Unlimited (JLU) an office in their new Headquarters.

Remembering Our Friends (ROF) is a place in SecondLife for those who have lost loved ones in Real Life and SecondLife to come to pay their respects to their friends or loved ones that have passed away.

The League has been proud to support their efforts to date and looks forward to many future partnerships with ROF.


Visit the Remember Our Friends web site

About the Justice League Unlimited:

The Justice League Unlimited (JLU) in Second Life in (SL) is a public service organization who pattern their avatars after classic comic book heroes. While JLU members may model their avatars after these fictional personas, the JLU is not a super-hero role-playing group. The mission of the JLU is to provide mentoring and render aid to SL residents in need, primarily new residents, in such areas as building, scripting and security. The JLU often acts as a neighborhood watch organization, patrolling heavily trafficked public areas that are prone to abuse by griefers. We also hold seminars and conventions on public safety, and help estate managers learn effective techniques for keeping their own lands safe.

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