Missing Childrens' DayAnnouncing the first SL “Memorial Day for Missing Children”  by Initiative Vermisste Kinder CIC

In celebration of International Missing Children’s Day, May 25th, Initiative Vermisste Kinder is sponsoring a day of music, poetry and memorial celebrations.  Come to the arena area of the ROF Coalition Island from 9:30am slt – 4pm slt. For this special event!

The Initiative Vermisste Kinder CIC will provide information on the subject and host performances by well-known Second Life musicians and poets. During the event, a limited edition forget-me-not flower by SL artist Bryn Oh  will be sent to the community. This special creation will only be given out at this event. In addition, we will light candle-light-hearts as a memorial and release white & blue balloons, a symbol for each missing child. This year the main theme on the International Missing Children Day, especially in Germany and USA, will be Parental Child Abduction, to commemorate the missing and their families.

About the project in SL

The Second Life celebration of  the International Day for Missing Children was created by pure chance, or some might say – fate.  Anneli Ulrik initially looked into SL to write about how businesses in SL relate to business in RL but a forum entry about the Initiative for Missing Children caught her eye and captured her heart. After writing a short email to CEO Lars Bruhn Anneli was put in charge of the project in Second Life. At first there were concerns about legalities but the enthusiasm and commitment of the SL residents overcame those fears. As Anneli  walked around SL she saw many stores  but felt there was something missing  That is when the idea was born to give these missing children the same kind of exposure, with the creation of Liftfasssaule. These display kiosks show pictures of current missing children and give a phone number for consulting with the staff of Initiative Vermisste Kinder CIC. The hope is to raise awareness and find these missing children. Anneli continues to search SL for sites to place these display kiosks (Liftfasssaule). This memorial day celebration is another way to inform the public. Anneli says, “ There is so much potential that remains unused. I want my work to inform and sensitize people to this topic. Thanks to all the helpers, sponsors. Without their help, the Initiative in SL would not be where it is now.”

About Initiative Vermisste Kinder CIC

Initiative Vermisste Kinder has been a member of the European Federation for Missing Children  in Brussels since 2001 and also works with the Global Missing Children’s Network (GMCN) which is based in the US. GMCN is comprised of 15 organizations and is active in the field of child protection.


The Initiative Vermisste Kinder CIC operates solely and independently in the interests of children out of a social and corporate responsibility. If searches for effective and efficient ways to find missing children. The view of the organization is that education and the public strongly belong together.

The main objectives of the Initiative “Vermisste Kinder CIC” under the charter of 09 April 2008 are:

  • The implementation of actions for the common welfare, especially the active support of the   investigations of cases of disappearance, abduction and exploitation of children
  • The prevention and fight against these events
  • The support and encouragement of investigations and legal measures to ensure the tracking of cases.
  • The support and guidance to victims and their families in the interest of children.
  • The use of these services are free to concerned persons.

Over the last 12 years 59 children have been returned to their families with the assistance and  support of the Initiative Vermisste Kinder and progress has been made in encouraging development of new methods and tools  for the search for missing children, such as the amber alert and use of mass media and social networking.

Initiative Vermisste Kinder CIC is a  Community Interest Company based in Hamburg and is a non-profit organization. Lead by Lars Bruhn, the organization has a staff of 25 volunteers and maintains search portals in 20 countries. It is funded in part by the estate of the deceased founder of the original parent -Initiative, Monika Bruhn. The Initiative uses its financial resources in a targeted, careful and prudent manner. Annual accountability reports are made to the CIC supervisory authority, available for viewing.

Partners with Initiative Vermisste Kinder include:

  • The White Ring – Active in several European Countries and is comprised of both independent and humanitarian organizations in support of crime victims and their families
  • The Security Center e110 Eduard Zimmermann – In cooperating with the television series conceived by Eduard Zimmerman,  ZktenzeichenXY, regarding unsolved crimes and providing a wide range of advice and instructions for safety.  In addition, the latest news about crime prevention, safety tips, warnings and missing persons can be found at www.e110.de
  • ROF Coalition Island – Providing the arena and support staff for concerts as well as an informational area. ROF works to grow collaborations between first life & virtual platforms  in order to increase awareness of various partner causes and to provide a memorial for those who have passed.
    Remember, Educate & Support.  web site: http://rememberingfriendsmemorial.com/index.html

Other partners include start-up companies for the development of biometric techniques and the use of multi-media and social networks.

If you have further questions please contact us at:

Initiative Vermisste Kinder
Community Interest Company
Oeheckerring 22-24
22419 Hamburg (Germany)
Phone 0049/40 22 813 977 -0

Email –  info (at) vermisste-kinder.de
Homepage – http://www.vermisste-kinder.de

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