Fantastic Four

Fantastic Four

We know you love our weekly metaverse news cast, Stark Reality, and Vagabond “Tony” Carter puts a lot of time, craftsmanship and his own personal flair  into making it great.  And you, our listeners, apparently agree, because you’re literally tuning in by the thousands to hear it!

But while Tony’s on his two week mid-season hiatus, we are proud to broadcast a special event: the entire thirteen episode run of the Fantastic Four radio serial from 1975! In addition to some spirited narration by Stan Lee himself, here’s the cast – see if you can pick out the surprise in the lineup:

  • Bob Maxwell as Mr. Fantastic
  • Bill Murray as The Human Torch
  • Cynthia Adler as The Invisible Woman
  • Jim Pappas as The Thing
  • Jerry Terheyden as Doctor Doom

We’re airing each of these episodes one per day while Tony’s away, at 4AM, 10AM, 4PM and 8PM each broadcast day.  Tune in for some real fun, and we hope you enjoy this special presentation.

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