League of Heroes Joseph Button Memorial Community Center opened April 10, 2011.

“Look to the Skies” – The League of Heroes offers its message of hope

Krypton Radio Staff
April 10, 2011

The League of Heroes, also known as the Justice League Unlimited (JLU) of Second Life, honors and respects the memory and contributions of late League member Hunter Talon (known in real life as the irrepressible Joseph Button) with the opening of our brand new League of Heroes Joseph Button Memorial Community Center on the east edge of the Taber region, right across from the entrance to the fabled Ivory Tower of Primitives in Natoma.

Visitors arrive in an open, friendly public park setting, at a welcome area with kiosks giving guidance and information to newcomers about Second Life in general, as well as free clothes, tools, toys, furniture and vehicles to help enhance the Second Life experience for new arrivals. They can also learn about the many worthy causes and charities actively supported by the League.

Also featured is an amphitheater for lectures and presentations, markers placed throughout the park which provide information on the various public service organizations with whom the League works, and even a playground for child avatars. The Krypton Radio stream can be heard at the Community Center and is available for listening around the clock.

Justice League Unlimited on April 6, 2006 and has an unbroken record of peacekeeping and public service beyond any other superhero themed group in Second Life.

The new Community Center is offered as a gift to the people of the Second Life metaverse, and through it, the League offers the message of hope and charity to all who visit.


The stage at the amphitheater at the new League of Heroes Joseph Button Memorial Community Center, providing facilities for lectures, presentations and classes and a message of hope for all of Second Life.

Visitors to the Ivory Tower of Primitives will find the League of Heroes Community Center park conveniently located near the Tower's front entrance.

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"Look to the Skies" - the League of Heroes offers this message of hope. Download this wallpaper for free - right-click on the link and use Save As to download to your computer!

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