Newly added to the Krypton Radio play list:

  • Worlds of Doctor Who, featuring exciting Dr. Who soundtrack music by Dudley Simpson, Roger Lamb, Peter Howell, Ron Grainer  and Mark Aynes
  • The first volume of the Lost in Space collection from Fantasy Worlds of Irwin Allen, featuring the work of John Williams.

Screech.  Doubletake.  “Say WHAT??”

That’s right – “Johnny Williams”, as he was known then, wrote the remarkable music score for the original Lost in Space TV show, and went on to become the composer of that brainworm Star Wars music that everyone has been playing morning noon and night since the debut of Star Wars in 1977.  That Johnny Williams.

Listen for this cool new music on the radio stream.  You can find the “Listen Now” button in the upper left corner on this very web site!

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