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The official blurb:  Red Dwarf returns for its first full series since 1999. Lister, Rimmer, Cat and Kryten face six exciting new adventures from the pen of Doug Naylor. The classic crew, the classic ship… with a brand new vision. The universe will never be the same…

Dave Lister, the last human, floating through space for three million years in suspended animation, wakes up to nine hilarious seasons of sci-fi comedy accompanied by a senile ship’s computer, a funky dude descended from the ship’s cat, a neat freak mechanoid and a hologram of his odious dead bunkmate.

But wait!  You too could be drinking fresh mango juice with goldfish shoals nibbling at your toes!  December 2011 and January 2012, all six episodes of Red Dwarf X will be filmed at Shepperton Studios in front of a live audience.

Applications for tickets are being handled by Lost in TV Audience Services, and their page for Red Dwarf tickets will be going live at 2.00pm, Friday 11th November (that’s in the U.K., so for us Yanks, it’s already happened).

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