DC Comic’s Booster Gold Considered for Television Series on SyFy Channel, No, Seriously.

by Staff Editor PK


Booster Gold © DC Comics

Out of all the Superheroes in the vast world of DC and Marvel Comics, it really makes you wonder what made someone think Booster Gold would be the ideal character for a television show. Ok, so this is my time to rant a little, or a maybe a lot, depends on how much coffee I’ve had today. Booster Gold, in the world of fictional Superheroes, is sort of a B-List Character in my opinion. A-List would be Batman, Superman,Iron-man, Wonder Woman, etc etc; and don’t get me wrong, I love the idea of taking one of the B-List guys to say hey, we’re a little tired of the over-saturation we get from the A-List. How many times can you re-tell the story of a Billionaire losing his parents and going nuts to the point of becoming the Dark Knight? I don’t know, Hollywood is still working on that.

Booster Gold is a DC Comic‘s character which first appeared in Booster Gold #1 (February 1986), in which we’re introduced to Michael Jon Carter, a disgraced athlete from 25th century Gotham City. His ego fueled desires drive him to steal technology from a museum and travel back in time to the 20th century, in order to become the most famous Superhero ever, and to make as much money from promotional endorsements as possible. Despite his self-proclaimed hero status, he manages to join the Justice League and over the course of the series, Booster does slowly become somewhat selfless in his actions, and perhaps this is one of those underrated anti-hero type stories, but I’m not completely sold on it.

His story is different, he starts out a selfish jerk and depending on what version of the storyline you get into, he turns into a decent person. Now the the show is not a done deal, this is still in the script writing stage and a full blown television pilot has not been ordered yet. Andrew Kreisberg is slated to be the Executive Producer and will write the initial script for what is being called a one-hour drama; Krisberg hails from the production company of Greg Berlanti who will also be listed as an Executive Producer. Berlanti helped produce a recent superhero show No Ordinary Family, which barely lasted a season, and considering that this is being made for the SyFY channel, my hopes are not going to be high, that this will turn into a high quality work of Superhero television art.

And what kind of Sci-Fiction channel shows WWE wrestling, anyway?

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