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Hall of Fame artist John Severin, one of the last of the legendary EC artists, has died at age 90. Severin—whose sister Marie was also a famed artist and colorist for Marvel—was among the greatest draftsmen of the EC crew. Severin was especially well known for his Western comics, which were meticulously researched and elegant in their line, but also drew barbarian comics.  His humorous work for  Cracked Magazinealmost singlehandedly  made it a worthy competitor for MAD Magazine.

The family has released a statement:

Internationally acclaimed illustrator-­?cartoonist, John Powers Severin (1921-­? 2012), passed away Sunday, February 12, 2012 at his home in Denver, Colorado with his family by his side.

He was 90 years old.

Throughout his sixty plus year career in comic illustration and cartooning, Severin gained world-wide notoriety and is regarded by many fans, friends, historians, and colleagues as a truly distinctive and brilliant artist.

Long-time  friend  and  former  president  and  chairman  of  Marvel   Comics,  Stan  Lee  states,
“He  had  an  art  style  that  was   uniquely  and  distinctly  his  own.The  minute  you  looked  at  his  artwork  you  knew  you  were  looking   at  a  John  Severin  illustration;  it  could  be  no  one  else. Besides  his  inimitable  style,  there  was  a   feeling  of  total  authenticity  to  whatever  he  drew,  whether  it  was  a  Western,  a  crime  story,  a   superhero  saga  or  a  science  fiction  yarn. Not only was his penciling the very finest, but his inking, too, had a distinctive Severin touch that made every strip he rendered stand out like a winner”.

Talents like John Severin come along once in a lifetime.  He will be missed.

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