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Steelwar Online

Steelwar Online, now in alpha testing

Free-to-play is the phrase of the day – a new robot-themed simulation MMO goes online for alpha testing, and it’s  PopPace’s SteelWar Online. The game has officially entered its first alpha test on Facebook.  For the alpha phase, anyone participating in the game’s testing will have their in-game cash shopping points leveled back up to 60,000 every two hours.  You can shop till you drop.

Steelwar Online is  strategy simulation title with a solidly anime feel – you battle in high-tech mechs for dominion over a an interplanetary battleground.  You can upgrade and customize your mechs as well.  Players can battle side by side with their friends, or call them out and challenge them on the field of honor.  Like most Facebook games, it’s aimed at the casual gamer, so you can put it away and pick up where you left off in an idle moment.

You can learn more about the game or sign up for the   alpha test by visiting the game’s official Facebook page.  You’ll need to a Facebook account to play it.

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