Early Sunday morning, the Krypton Radio web site was identified by Google as containing malicious scripts and may have represented a threat to visitors. These scripts were inserted by an automated internet program known as a ‘worm’, which burrows into web servers and propagates itself by rewriting the pages visitors load when they read a web site.  The script attempted to gather FTP passwords – if you visited our site any time yesterday and used FTP the same day, you should change your FTP password. (If you don’t know what this is, you don’t need to worry).

After about fourteen total hours of cyber-surgery, we finally extracted every last piece of the malicious scripting everywhere on our server, from every page and every subdomain. The Sucuri SiteCheck web site now gives us a clean bill of health!  The warning pages from Chrome, Firefox and Google itself have now all been cleared, and our traffic is starting to come back up to former levels.

On behalf of myself and the entire staff, thank you for your patience. Your safety and privacy are important to us.

Oh, yes – keep it tuned to Krypton Radio. The best is yet to come!

– Gene Turnbow, Krypton Radio Station Manager