There’s A Lot of Names We Could Call You, But We Have to Keep It Clean

Krypton Radio Bull Session

Krypton RadioOk so we posted the other day on our Facebook Page, seeing what we could get in the way of suggestions for names for our fans. If you’re not entirely clear on what we’re babbling about, it’s the nicknames that fans of radio stations get. For example there are many radio stations called “The Edge”, and their fans tend to be called “Edge Heads” or something of that nature. So after a few rounds of tossing beanie babies out the window at local mimes, and Nerf fights in the office, we thought it might be cool to have a nick name for our fans.

We lurked the Facebook pages for shares and responses, and here’s the suggestions (serious or not) we’ve gotten from fans and fellow staffers so far:

We’ll update this list as more suggestions come in! (Last update: April 5, 2012.)

  • Raidiators
  • Kryp-tators
  • Raidotians
  • Kryptics
  • The Kryps
  • Kandorrians
  • Enlightened Nobles (Krypton is a noble gas used in various lighting applications)
  • Geektonians
  • Kryptomaniacs
  • Kryptonites
  • The Kryponators
  • Kryptographers
  • Kryptobiologists
  • Super Stars
  • Daily Kryptons
  • New Kryps On the Block
  • Krypton Stars
  • New Sons of Krypton (Needs to be gender neutral, but not bad none the less)
  • New Daughters of Krypton (Needs to be gender neutral, but not bad none the less)
  • Kryptonian Brotherhood
  • K-Heads
  • Kryptos
  • Kryons
  • Brainiacs
  • K-Nets (Reference to our being on the internet, we guess?)
  • Radio-Heads (This might be taken already, but good suggestion anyway)
  • K-Stars
  • Super K’s (That’s a convenience store, isn’t it? LoL)
  • Krypto’s-Hounds (Like, “woof”)
  • Krypton’s Heroes
  • Secret Identities
  • Undercover Heroes

So far the staff favorite is “Kryptics”, we know that “Kryptonians” seems like an obvious choice, but there were some legal concerns over the usage since the Superman rights are in a very cut-throat court battle right now. Remember that we’re not just looking for a name to call fans, looking at the above list, is there a name you’d want to call yourself as a fan? Something you’d be proud to wear on a T-Shirt? (that we’re working on getting made b.t.w) Share your opinion, vote, what do you want us to call you? We’ll be making our final decision on the very lucky day of April FRIDAY THE 13TH!

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