Do The Superman!

By Staff Editor, PK


We're doing the Superman, join us!

The 80’s hold a special place in this curmudgeon’s heart; the TV shows, the music, the questionable taste in clothes and the gag me with a spoon references that never seemed to get old. Although if you whip out any of that lingo today, I’ll have to soundly beat you into the ground with the decaying cans of hair spray you have stuffed next to your collection of Swatch Watches. This DeLorean powered trip down memory lane is brought to you by the Superman Dancers of Sleaford, Lincolnshire.

It seems like the UK is awash with Superman themed events this year, as you’ve previously read of the Cats Protection charity holding a Superman themed run, to help raise money for the care of homeless cats throughout the UK. The Superman Dancers of Lincolnshire are trying to not only raise money for a worthy cause, they’re trying to get the side benefit of getting into the Guinness Book of World Records, by holding the world’s largest dance to the song “Superman” by 1980’s band Black Lace.

Aside from dressing up like the Man of Steel and dancing to a really terrible song (in my humble opinion), the main goal is to help raise funds for an important charity. LIVES (Lincolnshire Voluntary Emergency Service), is using the fun community event to raise money to cover its operating budget. The event takes place during the 2012 Sleaford Live Festival, and features music, dancing, side stalls, tombola, raffles and more!


If you happen to be interested in attending both Superman events and don’t mind the travel; Cats Protection & The Superman Dance are both happening in May this year. The Dance happens on May 5Th and the Cats Protection run happens on May 13TH, registration for the dance is open on April 21st, check the websites for the latest details. Who knows, you may be able to take your Superman running buddies to the dance and help create one heck of a Superman themed dance off!


  • The Superman Dance Website
  • Cats Protection


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