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Art Studio Takes Vintage Photos And Adds A Pop-Culture Touch

Marvellini Brothers

We weren’t sure if we should file this story under silly or just plain cool, but when we came across these Italian comic loving brothers with a talent for photo manipulation, we couldn’t turn away. The Marvellini brothers who operate out of The Saint Mariner Tattoo Parlor in Milan-Italy, use their impressive abilities to take vintage photographs and meld them with varying flavors of Marvel, DC Comics, and other pop-culture sources such as The Nightmare Before Christmas and Freddy Kruger.

While many others have been created photos and paintings based on what they thought superheroes would look like in olden times, the Marvellinis can take photos and add that special masked hero touch with a true touch of artistry.











Find more of the Brother’s photos at: Foto Marvellini