by Krypton Radio Staff Writer "Cobranoag"

Ted Petrilli, General Manager of Dreamworld Comics in Simi Valley, California. Dreamworld not only features comics, but the best in toys and collectibles. They also host Yu-Gi-Oh, Magic the Gathering and Hero Clix games each week.

With the economic decline in the United States many small businesses (like comic book stores) have been forced to go out of business. That being said, according to  General Manager, Ted Petrilli, of Dream World in Simi Valley, CA, collectable comic books are making a huge comeback. DC Comics has recently released first prints of “The New 52 Reboot” which has ignited a huge interest in the comic book world and fans are rushing back for their classics. This buzz has created a new drive for business in comic book stores, and has brought old fans back along with new ones.Even though DC Comics has made electronic versions of these issues available for purchase, fans are still going into the stores to buy the collectable editions.

Not only is this a great boost for the economy, but it keeps local comic book stores new and exciting. However, comic book “reboots” are not the only reason why fans are running back into the stores. New movies such as The Avengers and The Amazing Spider-man are appealing to new generations and bring new fans into the genre. The comic book world is constantly changing and with the release of new online versions, these reboots are a reminder of why comics are collectables and valuable.  They bring people out of their homes and into the stores to experience trading and collecting comics.  Whether it is a re-launch of classic comics, or bringing them to life in movies, keeping our favorite characters in the media has brought fans back into local comic book stores.

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