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Fan projects are everywhere, fans of shows making their own scripts and even going so far as to create their own episodes. This has become very commonplace these days with studio grade computer software falling into the hands of many home media enthusiasts, so it’s not a shock when we see some of the incredible fan made shows and movies out there. We say that, but then we’re scraping our chins off the floor after watching this homemade anime tribute to Doctor Who, by Paul Otaking Johnson. A fellow Whovian, Paul took and animated one of the classic Doctor Who stories featuring John Pertwee, as the third doctor. If you’re a young die-hard fan of the revamped Doctor Who series, then you may not know that the Doctor used to be a butt-kicking¬†Gallifreyan Kung-fu master via his third incarnation.

This incredible fan-work shows a classic Doctor Who battle against the Daleks, Cybermen and even The Master, in Japan, done in an 1980’s anime style. The animation was eventually taken down by the creator, but a fan was able to preserve it and has posted it on YouTube for all to see. We highly recommend to any Doctor Who fan to watch this, it’s not just a great short story adaptation, but it shows anyone with enough time and talent can produce something to rival that of a big studio.



  • Paul Otaking Johnson@Deviant Art