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The limits of computer graphics and rendering continue to be pushed, and the team at Square Enix blows us away with this demonstration of their RealTime rendering technology, featuring the Final Fantasy gaming universe as their test vehicle. This technology is being spearheaded by the Square Enix team in Japan, as such their website is in Japanese and we’re doing our best to fight through the translation that Google spits out.

In the latest post on the page, the President of Square Enix makes a rallying call to gather talented individuals who are looking to join the effort to further bridge the connection between high-definition art and gaming, wanting to meld these two worlds as he acknowledges that not all current games can make the transition, but he looks towards the future and hopes that it will be a bright one. In his following posts, the dreams of the research and development team are shared, their desire to one day make this amazing level of visual detail available on all platforms and feel that it will be achieved during the next large breakthrough in graphics and processing technology.


Square Enix: Agni’s Philosophy RealTime Tech Demo