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I like comic book movies, that’s not exactly earth shattering news of course. But what is different about some of us here at Krypton Radio, is I don’t get to post reviews and such as often as I want. No, the others aren’t holding me at bay with a rabid gopher, despite what rumors may suggest to the contrary. My secret identity keeps me way busier than I want, and when I get home my mailbox is stuffed full of Chinese take-away menus and messages to call the office to make sure I’m still alive. So it may at times seem like I’m a little late to the party when it comes to pumping out the reviews and other related content; so how does that tie into Marvel’s  hit movie Thor? Well, the good old movie and TV show on demand site Netflix, is also feeling a bit sheepish when they show up with a bottle of bubbly and the only one there is the janitor cleaning up, when it comes to cutting edge movie releases.

Netflix has finally announced a major addition to its somewhat stale superhero lineup, Marvel’s Thor, starring Chris Hemsworth as the super-powered hammer wielding god of lightning, has finally joined the online service as of June 9th. Netflix who has suffered greatly due to what appears to be Hollywood’s disdain for the budget priced entertainment distributor, and has had severe trouble getting via contracts the rights to distribute the major hits online. Searching the service, you’ll find hardly any superhero movies. So when I came up for air recently, I was surprised to see the notice that Thor had been added.

The review:

Thor, which is directed by Kenneth Branagh, was a pleasant surprise to watch (sadly Netflix does not offer the Hi-Def version online). I felt the movie was a testament to the move by Marvel and other companies who are working tirelessly to make the superhero genre actually believable to a degree. So it’s not a surprise that high quality actors and effects adorn the big budget adaptation of Marvel’s popular comic character, and considering that it’s way harder than it looks to make mythical armor look good in real life, they did a surprisingly wonderful job of making it work. Chris Hemsworth (Thor) the god of lightning, is tricked into starting a war with an alien race (The Frost People) by his half-brother Tom Hiddleston (Loki) the god of mischief. Loki uses his magic to allow the aliens into the realm of Asgard, where they attempt to steal a powerful weapon and are quickly stopped by Thor’s father and wise king Anthony Hopkins (Odin). Thor is outraged by the attack and vows vengeance against the Frost people, but Odin forbids the retaliation against the aliens as it will start a war.

Loki knows that Thor will defy Odin and attempt to show that he’s unstoppable while he attacks the frost people, all in the name of Asgard’s honor of course. Predictably Thor with a small band of warriors loyal to him, cross into the alien world and attempt to defeat the Frost people. Just as they’re about to suffer defeat over their arrogance at trying to take on an entire planet, Odin shows up and pulls them to safety. Ultimately, Odin feels that Thor is too dangerous to remain in Asgard and eventually become king, so he does what most super powerful otherworldly kings do and banishes Thor to Earth. Odin feels that while on our backwards little planet, Thor may learn some important life lessons and eventually wise up enough to return and become king.

It seems like an overdone plot, alien being lands on earth, finds a beautiful earth girl and learns something important about our species and wants to stick around and save our planet from his enemies. And you’d be right, that’s basically what happens, with Thor encountering the very lovely and brilliant astrophysicist Natalie Portman as Jane Foster. Jane who manages to hit Thor with her car twice in one movie, helps teach him why humans are cool, and that she’s good to be his love interest for the film. It is a overdone plot, but it does add to the major lead in for The Avengers movie.

Despite a somewhat predictable chain of events story-wise, Kenneth Branagh and his team do a superb job of presenting the mighty hero to the masses. The acting was top notch and aside from a few brief scenes that made me groan a little in pain, I felt the movie was just pretty damn good. Thor is rated PG-13 for violence and related content, but is definitely worth buying on disc for your superhero movie collection.

Or better yet if you’re an eternal cheapskate like me, catch it on Netflix.


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