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Actors and Artists unite to grant wishes of terminally ill children

Hellboy & one of his biggest fans

Caleb at Spectral Motion

For two young boys who are fighting the ultimate battle, it was a life altering experience to get their wishes granted to visit a major Hollywood special effects studio. Zachary who wanted nothing more than to meet his superhero idol and possibly become him was surprised to meet the legendary Hellboy portrayed by veteran actor Ron Perlman. The Make A Wish Foundation, which aims to help grant wishes of terminally ill children wanting to experience something meaningful; contacted Spectral Motion the special effects studio behind the Hellboy movies, and asked if it were possible to arrange a special day for two children wanting their wishes granted. Spectral Motion not only gladly stepped up to the challenge of helping two of their young fans, but enlisted the aid of Ron Perlman who was happy to reprise his role of the famed Superhero demon Hellboy for this very special occasion.

As any actor who has dealt with the intensive makeup required for movies like Hellboy can attest to, it can take many hours and a lot of patience to deal with the application process. It really showed that Ron Perlman has a heart as big as Hellboy to volunteer for such an endeavor; and in true superhero style he added to the experience by ordering up a massive meal fit for his character of burgers, shakes, and fries for all to enjoy. Later during his visit to the studio Zachary attained the second part of his dream by going for a spin the makeup effects chair and getting a partial transformation into his hero with a sawed-horns headpiece of his very own and some face-paint with special assistance by makeup effects artists Lufeng Qu and Neil Winn.

Spectral Motion also acted as host to Caleb, who wasn’t looking to meet a superhero but instead learn how to make the fictional heroes and other amazing creatures come to life via movie magic. Special effects masters Rob Capwell, Scott Millenbaugh, Mark Setrakian, & Mike Elizalde, helped make Caleb’s experience a memorable one by treating him to a day of visiting the shops of the studio where they design and build some of the amazing animatronic creatures we see in major movies; with artist Tim Gore even donating a few of his books to Caleb from the studio reference library.


Caleb getting some insider tips

Chillin with my homey Hellboy

Zachary signaling he’s ready to fight evil

Caleb learning the trade at Spectral