Opinion by Susan Fox, Executive Producer, Krypton Radio 

The story of the mass shooting in Aurora, Colorado at the midnight showing of THE DARK KNIGHT RISES is still developing in the morning.  Krypton Radio can not keep up with it in our present format and leaves the investigative work to the appropriate persons.  The true identity and motivation of the real life killer is outside our purview.  We do have two major observations on The Story Thus Far.

First:  the disturbing notion that dozens of gunshots are fired in a crowded theatre and nobody hears them.  We have heard voice quotes from multiple audience members who did not seem to know why they were being evacuated until they were outside.  Did the killer take the opportunity for the attack during a shooting scene in the film, played at full volume? Are movies just too loud?  These and many other questions will be addressed in the coming days and months.

Second: the swift work of the area police department.  For every aspiring Joker [or just ordinary robber], there are a thousand Commissioner Gordons and a million police officers, putting themselves in harm’s way between bullets and you.  It’s times like this that remind us of the courage of the First Responders when the danger is real.  This could have been any cinema, any town.  Thank you for being there when our taking care of each other is not enough.

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