The Dark Knight Rises breaks records, surpassing the Avengers – but the strange events surrounding the film may be contributing to its success.

Warner Bros. had posted that they weren’t releasing the box office numbers until after the weekend was over at very least, attempting to maintain some level of decorum relative to the tragedy in Aurora, Colorado last night at opening night of the film.  Fandango, however, apparently didn’t feel that compunction, and sent out a press release stating that “The Dark Knight Rises,” on the eve of its opening weekend,  is outpacing the summer blockbuster “The Avengers” in ticket sales at the same point in the sales cycle.

While the film was much awaited and fans are flocking to see it anyway, at least some attention was drawn to the film because of the Aurora, Colorado events.  There are other factors at work at well.  Rush Limbaugh, for example, recently claimed that the choice of the “Bane” character, who made his first appearance in Batman: Vengeance of Bane in 1993, has something to do with Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney’s association with the private investment firm Bain Capital.  Limbaugh, while going out on a limb with this one, is correct in at least one respect: the words “Bane” and “Bain” sound the same, and when this comes up during the campaign, people are going to look at Romney and think of the man in the horror mask that Batman fought.

It’s a strange article to have to write about something so simple as a superhero movie. We hope that your reason for seeing the film is simply to see the final chapter in the Christopher Nolan trilogy on its own merits, as we did. 

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