The recording artist "Yukeh"

The recording artist “Yukeh”

Every now and then a song just inspires fans to make tons of these parody videos, and Carly Rae Jepson’s Call Me Maybe is one of those songs.  We’ve already shown you Batman, Maybe , that astounding parody of The Dark Knight Rises by Wes Wes Freitas and his friends (we saw you follow us on Twitter, hey, guys, we’re playing your song on Krypton Radio!)

We know we’ve just done one of these, but we couldn’t resist this new one we found by an artist who calls herself simply, “Yukeh”.  Yukeh, as far as we can tell, is an American voice actress living in Japan.  And apparently, she’s a massive, massive geek and a Doctor Who fan.  Some really good cosplay, camera work and nice visual storytelling round out Yukeh’s bell-like golden voice and unabashed, appealing performance in Time Travel, Maybe .

From her web site:

“Living in Tokyo is one of her most proudest moments aside from setting herself in the voicing entertainment. Prior from moving to Japan, she had a career set in Anime Voice acting ( and just recently geared into being a vocalist for numerous Artists such as: DonkTerrorist, Eufeion, 61° , M-Project Suzumoto, 204and more to come. Her goals in Japan are to become a famous vocalist and model to complete her dreams!

“Don’t be afraid to reach for your dreams. Life is a roller-coaster and it’s going to be a wild ride but hold on tight and soon that rocket will point to the sky–take off” –Yukeh


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