The Corsair’s Closet features: Matt Smith goes plastic!
By, Time Siren

The Squee! that was heard ’round the world!

This week has been a flurry of excitement at Big Chief Studios in the U.K. Feedback has been pouring into their offices as customers finally receive their newest and most accurate figure to date; the 11th Doctor Matt Smith 1:6 scale collector figure! Ever since it premiered last October on their brand new Facebook page, we’ve all been holding our collective breaths, waiting for it to be released.

There have been long approval processes, production delays and the addition of awesome accessories, making everyone squirm that much more in anticipation. The quality of this figure is breathtaking. I knew I had to have it when I mistook the preproduction stills back then as being from an actual photo shoot of the actor himself!

Even if you only collect figures for their value, you’ll be massively impressed with this one’s tiny, beautiful details. It was worth the wait for the addition of accessories such as the Corsair’s psychic message cube from the episode The Doctor’s Wife, the TARDIS blue invitations and his sonic screwdrivers (yes, two of them!). Now that more images are available at their website, go check it out and it’s a guarantee you will fall immediately in love with the accuracy of the unkempt sweep of hair over his eye, the wrinkles on his forehead and how Big Chief even remembered to turn his wrist watch backwards on his wrist!

Corsair’s Cube in hand. The Corsair’s Closet is SO Squeeing! about this!

Product description from the site:

Sporting a tweed jacket and cool bow tie, the Eleventh Doctor and his companions Amy Pond and her husband Rory Pond, travel through time and space aboard the TARDIS. Sometimes dangerous, often life-threatening, but always exciting, the adventures of the Doctor and his companions are celebrated with the release of the Limited Edition 1:6 Scale Collector Series Figures from BIG Chief Studios Ltd.

Our artists meticulously studied comprehensive reference materials to develop the most accurately scaled collector’s figure. First creating a realistic and authentic character portrait of the Eleventh Doctor as portrayed by actor Matt Smith and replicating the Time Lord’s trademark costume and signature accessories in exacting detail.

Officially licensed and authorised by BBC Worldwide, includes authentic character portrait, beautifully hand-tailored costume, signature accessories and a deluxe display base.

Now that they are being shipped, it’s even harder for us U.S. fans to wait for ours when U.K. recipients are already posting their pictures and praises on the Big Chief Studios Facebook fan page, but in the end it will be so worth it!

(According to their Facebook page, they have shipped all their pre-orders s of August 14th. We thank the staff at Big Chief for working round the clock to get these figures into the hands of collectors around the world.)


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