Trigger Men, a bromantic dark comedy from Triptych Books

Trigger Men, a bromantic dark comedy from Triptych Books

Last November we showed you Trigger Men from Triptych Books, and told you about what a great comic series it is. Now Kyle Winters and Mike Andersen are back in the fray with a project they want to get funded by using crowd sourcing.

Trigger Men is a dark comedy that revolves around the lives of two friends who make a living as hitmen. The series follows the misadventures of Matt and Jason as they navigate the absurd world of contract killing. Their exploits range from setting up their high school bully as a fall-guy to saving their favorite Chinese buffet from bankruptcy. While the comic is dark in nature, it is not gratuitously violent and it focuses more on the characters’ wacky chains of dialogue and interesting relationships than the actions at hand.

Kyle and Mike want to release their first year’s work as a complete next generation media boxed set, containing not only the comics, but a lot more.  Watch the video to find out how you can help.  Visit them at their web site and read more about them, and have a look at the IndieGoGo campaign page itself.  Participating is cheap – you don’t have to give them hundreds of dollars to help them.  Ten will do, and even at the ten dollar mark, you get perks – and better perks the more you donate.

Good luck, guys – we can hardly wait to see what happens, and we hope you reach your goal.


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