By the Mad Woman with a Box

Bucky is Back, the Falcon Flies, and Three Circle for the Top Spot

Marvel Studios is busting with a heroic level of activity these days, trying to churn out top notch comic book movies to a rabid public hungry for more from their favorite superheroes. In today’s spotlight, we take a look at casting for one of this intrepid fan’s favorite Avengers franchises, second only to IRON MAN…the star spangled man himself, CAPTAIN AMERICA!

From left to right: Anna Kendrick, Felicity Jones, and Imogen Poots.

Many are reporting that Sebastian Stan will return to reprise his role as Bucky Barnes, known to comic fans as the title character of The Winter Soldier. It’s also being reported that Anthony Mackie of REAL STEEL and ABRAHAM LINCOLN: VAMPIRE HUNTER fame has been signed to play The Falcon, but now film makers are on a quest to find themselves a leading lady. New York Daily News is reporting, along with the news on Mackie, that three actresses are being considered for this as yet undisclosed role: Anna Kendrick (UP IN THE AIR), Imogen Poots (FRIGHT NIGHT), and Felicity Jones (LIKE CRAZY).

While the role of the female lead has not been revealed, many are speculating that it will be that of SHIELD agent Sharon Carter, and no, the name is not coincidental. Fans of the comics will remember that Sharon is the niece of one Peggy Carter, the Captain’s first love, played by Hayley Atwell in CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE FIRST AVENGER.

So who looks good for this role? If it is, in fact, Sharon Carter being cast, my personal opinion is that Anna Kendrick may be best for the role. Her physical type hearkens back to Hayley Atwell more, and she already has some experience with blockbusters of this sort with her prior roles in the TWILIGHT movies. She’s also a higher caliber actress than Poots, and Jones may lack the necessary experience to really hold a leading role in a film of this nature.

That is, however, one humble reporter’s opinion. What are your thoughts on the casting choices?

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