Now that we’ve seen the last episode of this new season of Dr. Who, and we’ve seen how the Ponds leave the company of the Doctor (don’t worry, we won’t do a big reveal here if you still haven’t seen it), there’s a new book out.

In the last episode, “The Angels Take Manhattan”, the Doctor is reading from a book wherein the heroine is a certain Melody Malone.  What the Doctor doesn’t realize is that this Melody is actually somebody he knows.  We think you can guess who that is.  In an elegant maneuver, the BBC has released the book itself, called “The Angel’s Kiss”.  Fans by things that look like things from the movies they love because it helps to remind them of how they felt when they were watching it for the first time, but this is a home run.

This book is the centerpiece of the entire episode, and now for a modest sum you can buy an electronic version of it for your Kindle or other digital reader.  Published by Random House, you can get it from Amazon,, Google Play (for Android), on the iTunes store (for Apple devices), and on the Kobo reader.  At 120 pages, it’s a novella, not a full novel – but  the price is a remarkable $2.49 USD on Amazon.  We’ve lost more in seat cushions.

This is a master stroke – it’s clear that they planned this whole thing from the beginning as a product they could sell afterwards, and I think it’s one of the more brilliant fan-engaging things they could have done.

We’re just in just in awe of this.
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