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Many shows have spawned fandoms which have developed into what some call borderline religions, so the PBS’s Idea Channel takes a look at the Whovian culture and asks an interesting question, Is Doctor Who a Religion? They compare the rabid fandom to how mainstream religions work, and see some interesting similarities. This also raises a very interesting question; if you were to apply the same theory to other fan cultures, such as Star Trek, Star Wars, CSI, My Little Pony, World Of Warcraft, and the many other endless shows, stories, and games that have developed massive fan bases, could these be seen as religions?

Join the discussion on PBS’s Idea Channel Youtube, and hit up our Facebook page or the comments section on our website to let us know what you think. If you were to apply the basic concepts of religion to fandoms, would comic book fans be considered a religion?

We’re not sure either, but we’ll let you know after we get back from services at the Charles Xavier First National Church and Tabernacle.