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In late breaking special news at this hour, Krypton Radio which is run and staffed by a bunch of crazy people too looney for modern society. Celebrated October 25, 2012 as a day that made them cry, laugh, giggle, and curl up into the fetal position as earth’s crust cracked and hell was reportedly to have frozen over at the news that they had achieved their 3000th fan on the social networking site Facebook.

Station owner Gene Turnbow in between fits of hysterical laughter and throwing darts at interns, was quoted as saying “I’m in shock really, I had always hoped we’d reach a diverse audience and it seems we achieved that quite well. Facebook as maddening as it can be at times, has been a wonderful medium for us to connect with fans and see how many are interested in what we do, so this is just a thrill that we finally hit the 3000 mark! But this was a massive team effort, with shows like Stolen Droids, Corsair’s Closet, Day Zero, our DJ Gary DaBaum, and all the talented people who’ve helped us build KR to what is now, I’m eternally grateful.”

We caught up with Producer Susan Fox who was launching pineapples off the roof of the office building with a trebuchet, “Of course I’m happy about the news, it means a lot that people are enjoying our site and tuning in to our station.  Between the fantastic music we play and the stories we cover, KR really is a station by fans for fans.” she said.

Senior Editor PK couldn’t be reached for comment as he was chasing the news crew with a shotgun and yelling at us to get off his property. But we assume he’s just as happy as the rest of the Krypton Radio staff, at the news of reaching the 3000th mark on Facebook.

From the cast and crew at Krypton Radio, thanks to everyone who enjoys our site, the music, our radio shows, and the just plain awesome content we put out. Don’t forget to checkout our Kickstarter Campaign, we’re about to get 20% cooler!