So as you may know, Krypton Radio is a proud sponsor of the 39th annual LOSCON, the convention of the Los Angeles Science Fiction and Fantasy Society – which is the oldest sci-fi club in the world.

As it happens, many of us live in Los Angeles, so we had the occasion to be present at one of the weekly meetings of LASFS, and we announced our Kickstarter campaign – and who should be at the meeting and in the audience but famed science fiction author, futurist and technology maven Dr. Jerry Pournelle.

As I was explaining what Krypton Radio was and what we do, and how important this Kickstarter campaign is for us, Dr. Pournelle began to ask a series of pointed questions about the station and the campaign and how it was being run.

Dr. Pournelle is one of my childhood heroes – I grew up reading his work.  So to be standing in front of an audience being grilled by this man was quite a tough experience, let me tell you.

But in the end, he stopped me abruptly in the middle of answering one of his questions, and the entire room fell silent.  And then he made a motion that the Los Angeles Science Fiction & Fantasy Society become a backer of Krypton Radio, which was quickly seconded and ratified.  We now have that generous gesture of good will among our listed backers, thanks directly to Dr. Pournelle.

It is my sincere hope that we will be successful in the campaign, and even if we are not, we will move forward.  Perhaps not as quickly, or with the best equipment we could be using, but I promise that we will not disappoint those who have promised (and will promise) their support.

Please tell your friends. We’re at a critical phase in the campaign, and we need a lot of help. If you own a blog, or know somebody who does, please spread the word.

Win the campaign or not, Krypton Radio will rise.

- Gene Turnbow
 Krypton Radio

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