Today’s video of the day comes to us from voice actor and media creator Harry Callaghan, who has been specializing in videos based on the popular Valve game Portal 2. It’s a testament to creativity of both Valve and Harry that there is so much excellent music and video to be had on Harry’s YouTube channel – and some of his work already plays on Krypton Radio.

Add to that this work,GLaDOS Is To Blame. Harry does all the voice work and musical performance for these songs, and does a marvelous job.  This song uses the thin piping voices of the turrets to tell the story, and has a haunting beauty to it that shines a new light on its geeky thematic underpinnings.

And for those who think it takes years to learn how to do what Harry does – Harry is 19.  Start creating.  Let’s see what you can do!


– 30 –


  • The song on iTunes – you can buy a lot of his work there.
  • Harry Callaghan’s YouTube channel
  • Harry Callaghan on Twitter
  • Harry Callaghan on Tumblr
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