Majesty meets saccharine pop in this unusual mashup of The Lord of the Rings and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic .

Part of what Krypton Radio does is show off some of the amazing things that fans create for one another.  If you’re a Brony (or even if you’re not) there’s something compelling about a mash-up of two well crafted fantasy works when it’s done with skill and respect for both.  Today’s offering is Lord of the Rings – Reenacted By Ponies from The Jacobsmovies web site. The characterizations pay homage both to the ponies, and to the iconic characters from the Tolkien books.

Jacob Kitts uses his skill at animation to tell stories visually, mostly as parodies or mashups of things like Harry Potter, Star Wars, Lego – his interests are far ranging, and his skills cover a lot of territory.  In his films he uses Flash, live action, 3d animation, compositing – the entire gamut of modern production tools.  He started out with the basics, and worked his way forward, one step at a time.

While it’s presented as satire, it’s also very inspiring.  And, frankly, the video is just plain fun to watch.


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